Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 56

“No… don’t kill me! Devil! You, what a devil!” A scream resounded from the prison.
Zhong Bin saw a middle-aged man with a long scar on his face, his face was earthy, his expression was extremely frightened.
He curled up in a corner of the prison, shaking like chaff.
As if he really met the devil.
This person turned out to be… Master Dao!
Zhong Bin was stunned.
Master Dao is the carry handle in the north of Jiang City, no one dares to provoke or fear.
But now, he couldn’t imagine what it was that made him so scared.
This is more than that.
Zhong Bin immediately discovered that in the dim light, there were stray figures lying on the ground.
These people were dripping with blood, as if they had been attacked by some terrifying monster.
Stained all over, all in a coma.
The scarlet blood almost dipped the ground into blood red.
It looks like a slaughterhouse.
And outside this pool of blood, stood a young man.
Strangely, his clothes were not stained with a trace of blood, they were spotless, and there was an unspeakable majesty over his body.
And see his face.
Zhong Bin could no longer conceal his fear, and was completely paralyzed.
Because this young man is Lin Fan.
“Zhong Bin! What’s so special about you, let me go! I don’t want to be locked in with this devil! Come on, let me go! Ahhhhh!”
At this moment, Master Dao saw Zhong Bin’s appearance, as if mad, he threw himself in front of the iron gate and yelled.
Master Dao swore that he had never seen such a devil in his life.
The methods are cruel and cruel.
His dozens of little brothers, in the hands of the monster like Lin Fan, were like a group of little chickens, one by one, they were hit hard and passed out.
Even Master Dao could be sure if Lin Fan wanted to kill.
They are afraid that they will become a pile of corpses if they don’t last for ten seconds.
However, when Master Dao yelled, his pupils suddenly shrank.
Because he saw that behind Zhong Bin, there were still figures after another.
“That’s… Zhang Guohao, Dong Jun, Ma Yong, and… Liu Zhen!”
Dao Ye suspected that he had hallucinations.
These are all the top bosses in Jiangnan Province, how could they appear here.
Thick and unbelievable, appeared in the eyes of Master Dao.
It’s more than that!
He found that after a few big brothers came in, one by one hastily came to the iron gate, then the face of Lin Fan, flapping in the wind, give all bowed:
This scene frightened Master Dao even more.
So many big brothers, bowing to one person together, has he ever seen such a shocking scene.
Master Dao looked at Lin Fan, with a trace of creepy feeling, and every pore of him appeared.
Big shot!
Only then did he understand that Lin Fan was not only abnormal, but his identity was even more terrifying.
But at this moment, Lin Fan didn’t even look at Master Dao.
He glanced at Liu Zhen and others indifferently, and slowly said,
“Is the matter finished?”
“Mr. Huilin, Huang Guosheng and his family were all arrested and brought to justice. All the assets under his name have been sealed and frozen!”
Liu Zhen respectfully He said, and then glanced at Zhong Bin, who was sitting on the ground: “As for this person, he has a few murders in his body! No doubt he will die!”
Until then.
Lin Fan nodded in satisfaction, and then he stretched out his palm, facing the iron gate in front of him, lightly slapped it!
The entire fence of the iron gate, like paper, instantly deformed, and Lin Fan stepped out from the inside.
He glanced indifferently, Zhong Bin, who was stunned on the ground, smiled at the corners of his mouth, but cold and cold:
“I reminded you, you can’t afford the consequences!”
Lin Fan led a group of big brothers and walked outside.
Only Zhong Bin with his face as gray as death, and the sword master with his face like a god…

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