Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 57

Today’s Bai family is noisy.
Grandpa Bai, Uncle Bai Hai, Sanye Baishan, Bai Yifan, Bai Yi and others gathered together.
The atmosphere is depressing and solemn.
“Grandpa, please, help Lin Fan! He has written the prescription for the resurrection pill, which is the hero of our Bai family!” At this moment, Bai Yi begged the grandfather Bai bitterly.
She and her father Bai Shan have been begging for an hour.
Even her throat had begun to hoarse, but the old lady Bai still didn’t let go.
“Bai Yi…Ah!” The old lady Bai looked at his granddaughter and couldn’t help but sighed long.
Although he is patriarchal, he still loves his granddaughter very much.
Otherwise, it would be difficult for him to tolerate Lin Fan for so many years.
It’s just that this matter is too big.
The person Lin Fan offended was Huang Guosheng, the largest medicinal material manufacturer in Jiang City.
Once the Huang family was angered and the supply of medicinal materials to the Bai’s Group was stopped, the pharmaceutical department of their Bai’s Group would survive in name only.
The loss is too great…
Looking at the embarrassing look of the old lady, Bai Yifan on the side could not help but stand up and said with a sneer:
“Bai Yi! Even if you ask for grandpa, it’s useless!”
“Your husband Lin Fan, this time has caused a big disaster. Now, the power of the Huang family is not weaker than our Bai family! Especially Huang Guosheng, domineering and extremely short-sighted, you dare to beat his son Huang Tao, how could he not retaliate!”
Said, Bai Yifan faced many Bai family The senior said:
“I persuade everyone to abandon Lin Fan and let him die for himself! We should apologize to the Huang family!”
“Only in this way, we will not harm our Bai Group!”
As soon as these words came out, Bai Yi’s face changed drastically.
Abandon Lin Fan?
How could she be willing!
“No! Lin Fan didn’t beat Huang Tao, this is a framing! Huang Tao must be because Mr. Yang joined our Bai Group for free, so that he resented and framed Lin Fan!”
“How can our Bai family abandon him?”
Bai Yi In her beautiful eyes, crystal clear tears continued to roll down.
It’s just more than that.
“Lin Fan must give up, otherwise our Bai family is imminent!” A voice resounded from outside the door.
Hearing this, everyone’s gaze swept toward the door, and suddenly saw Erye Shirakawa walking in with his daughter Bai Yan and son-in-law Ma Zhitao.
“Second brother, why are you here?” Bai Shan’s complexion changed instantly.
Last time, Lin Fan expelled the Shirakawa family from the house.
But now that all Shirakawa’s family have arrived, Baishan understands that this is a disaster.
“We’re here to kill the Bai family!” A thick sneer glowed over Shirakawa’s complexion.
This sentence made the Bai family’s complexion instantly change, and the old man said with a gloomy face:
“Second, what do you mean by this sentence?”
“Father, Bai Yi and Baishan didn’t tell you? Then Lin Fan not only beaten After Huang Tao was arrested, he even blatantly took the gun and attacked the police!” There was a thick grin on Shirakawa’s mouth.
But his words caused the Bai family to completely blow up the pot.
Take the gun and attack the police?
This is a serious crime. Once it is not handled well, it will even directly affect the Bai Group. If it is investigated from above, the impact will be extremely bad.
The old lady’s complexion became more and more ugly.
If you say, he was hesitant before, whether to save Lin Fan.
So now, he had completely abandoned Lin Fan in his heart.
“Father! Lin Fan is over, so I suggest that Bai Yi be revoked from the position of president and transferred to Bai Yifan!” Bai Chuanyu continued to say,
“Also, Lin Fan will definitely tell the prescription and development method of the Resurrection Pill. Bai Yi! So, let Bai Yi hand over the prescriptions and development techniques, and resign as president!”

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