Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 560

Inside the box, a dull sound once again sounded.
Under the stunned eyes of everyone, Wu Xiu’s right leg burst open. Under the majestic force of terror, his whole person once again flew out like a dead dog.
Fell to the ground.
At this moment, in the entire box, there is a bloody breath, there is no sound, only a personal crazy heartbeat.
Broken leg!
Everyone looked at the five and six evil spirits who looked like dead dogs on the ground. They only felt their hearts, almost jumping into their throats.
Another murderer was solved by one trick.
The dense cold sweat almost covered the foreheads of everyone around at this moment, frightening them and shocking them.
If Lin Fan abolished the six evil spirits in one move, it might be explained as luck.
So now one move has eliminated the five evil spirits.
This is simply incredible.
“No…impossible! You, how can you be so strong!”
Leng Bufan only felt cold all over his body, and looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a devil.
He knew that under the combined forces of the five evil spirits of Lingnan, even if the master master faced them, it would be extremely difficult.
But now, Lin Fan’s two moves to abolish the two, it was like a ruin, it was too hard for him to believe.
And beside.
Lin Guangyao, Bai Yifan, and Shen Jian looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a monster.
The three of them swallowed fiercely, and looked at each other. They could see the panic and horror in each other’s eyes.
Is this… or is it the waste of their mocking resentment?
Two tricks to abolish the two murderers?
This is simply going against the sky.
Lin Fan didn’t care about the shock of everyone around him.
His face was calm and indifferent, as if he had just crushed two ants, and at this moment, he slowly walked towards the remaining Lingnan three evil spirits.
Da da da!
His footsteps were slow, but fell in the ears of the Lingnan three evil spirits, but it was as if stepping on their hearts, making the three of them horrified to the extreme.
“Go together! Take revenge for the old five and six!” The second murderer let out a stern roar.
When they heard this, the three couldn’t help but glance at each other, and there was a thick madness and hideousness in each other’s eyes.
Like three fierce tigers, they headed towards Lin Fan to culminate.
“Die to me!”
With three iron fists, the air blasted and slammed down at Lin Fan.
Just saw this scene.
Lin Fan not only didn’t have the slightest worry, but the bloodthirsty arc at the corner of his mouth became more and more intense:
“You want my left hand? Right hand?”
“Then… fulfill you!” The words fell!
Lin Fan’s fists almost resembled lightning, and he swung away at the iron fists that Four Fists and Three Fists had smashed.
One enemy two?
Seeing this scene, Leng Bufan and others became even more nervous.
They seemed to see hope.
“Abolish him! He must be abolished! I don’t believe him, he can face the attacks of two murderers at the same time!”
Sweat dripped on his cold forehead.
The whole person’s body is completely tense.
And just when he only felt his heart, it was tense to stop beating.
Two loud sounds came, but they were the iron fists of the Four Fists and the Three Fists. After colliding with Lin Fan’s fists, they all burst into pieces!
It’s more than that!
After Lin Fan smashed the fists of the two murderers with his fists, the fists of the two murderers next to him had already hit the top of his head.
However, he didn’t dodge, he watched the two fierce iron fists, slamming them on his head.
“Die to me!!!” The second fierce face was fierce and cruel.
At this moment, he almost used his punch to the extreme, striving to take advantage of the gap between his two brothers’ blows and fists to kill Lin Fan.
Punch, hit!

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