Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 561

“Success… have you succeeded?”
After seeing the fists of the three evil men and the four evil men being shattered by Lin Fansheng, the fists of the two evil men fell on Lin Fan’s head.
Leng Bufan and the others were extremely ecstatic.
Must die!
Leng Bufan and others only felt that their palms were covered with sweat.
However, just a hint of joy, when it just appeared on their faces, it completely solidified.
They were stunned to see that after the second murderer’s punch hit Lin Fan’s head, his arm seemed to have been under the force of boundless horror, and it was completely broken.
“Ah ah ah!”
Two fierce shrill screams, the people were Fan Zhen force, life Zhenfei out.
Three dull sound of the landing.
Two, three, four!
All his arms broke and fell to the ground severely.
The box at this moment has no idea how many times it has fallen into this deadly silence.
Looking at the five wicked men who fell on the ground, and then at their broken arms and legs, a cool air followed the soles of the feet of the people around them, rushing straight to their foreheads, making their scalps numb.
Especially Leng Bufan.
He seemed to have seen a ghost, as if he had been drained of all his strength, and fell to the ground, completely dumbfounded:
“No…impossible! The six evil spirits in Lingnan were trained by my grandfather himself, how could he be so easily tuned? Abolished!”
“Grandmaster? Top Grandmaster?”
“How could he be the top master?”
Leng Bufan was completely dumbfounded.
He originally thought that abolishing Lin Fan and taking Bai Yi was almost a certainty.
But he couldn’t even dream that this door-to-door son-in-law, who was turned into a waste by the people of Jiang City, was so terrifying and tough.
The six evil spirits of Lingnan that he is proud of are like a group of chickens and dogs in this person’s hands, and they are so vulnerable.
More than him!
At this moment, even Bai Yi was stunned.
She looked at the scene, she was like a husband who was descending from a demon, Bai Yi only felt that her worldview was broken.
“How could Lin Fan… be so strong?”
Bai Yi had seen Lin Fan defeat more than 20 people alone, but that was just an ordinary person.
Among the six evil spirits in Lingnan, it is completely possible to pick one at random.
And now!
What Lin Fan crushed were the six fierce men who once dominated the Jiangnan underground world, and they were so relaxed and free, as if they were crushing a group of ants.
This made Bai Yi’s eyes look at Lin Fan strange.
Just now.
Lin Fan didn’t care about everyone’s shock, he didn’t even look at it, the five evil spirits on the ground gave him a glance.
Instead, he took a step towards Leng Bufan.
The sound of his footsteps seemed to contain magical powers, and every step he fell made Leng Bufan’s body tremble.
Especially, Lin Fan’s stern voice sounded,
“Now, you have lost!”
“It’s time to accept punishment!”
Leng Bufan looked at Lin Fan, who was slowly approaching, his whole body was in the ice cellar, only feeling completely cold:
“No…I am a member of Shengshi Group! I am grandmaster Leng Aotian’s grandson!”
“Boy , You… If you dare to disadvantage me, my father will not let you go, my grandpa will not let you go, nor will Shengshi Group let you go!”
Leng Bufan’s voice was trembling.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan’s smile became more and more stern:
“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!”
“I just want to…abandon you!”

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