Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 562

Don’t worry, I won’t kill you!
When Leng Bufan heard Lin Fan’s words, he was completely relieved.
He was afraid that Lin Fan, a lunatic, would really kill him and kill him.
And now.
Obviously his threat played a role, and this guy was afraid of his background.
However, Leng Bufan wanted to say something.
Lin Fan’s next words made him completely dumbfounded.
“I just want to… abolish you!”
In a word, let Leng Bufan’s heart that had just been put down, once again.
Is this guy thinking…
a terrible thought, which appeared in Leng Bufan’s mind, almost scared him to pee.
However, just when Leng Bufan wanted to turn around and flee, he saw Lin Fan approaching and kicked him violently against his crotch.
Almost to the extreme.
Leng Bufan only felt a chill under his crotch, making him terrified and desperate:
The screams resounded in the box.
The people around saw in shock that Lin Fan had already kicked Leng Bufan’s legs.
A crackling sound came from Leng Bufan’s crotch, and he was kicked out two meters away.
He knelt on the ground with a puff.
Dense liquid and blood flowed out from under the cold crotch, and the majestic pain, like a tide, completely swept his nerves.
“Ah ah ah!”
Screams shrill peerless.
Everyone saw that Leng Bufan’s whole body was like a cooked prawn, kneeling on the ground, he clamped his legs, but the blood and liquid continued to penetrate the clothes and flowed to the ground.
Also… wasted!
The sound of inhaling cold air continued to resound in the box.
Whether it was Bai Yifan and the others, or the handsome men in Jiang City, they were all shocked by Lin Fan’s actions.
“God…Oh my god! He abolished Leng Shao? It’s over, this one broke the sky!”
“Lin Fan, you are not crazy! Do you know that Leng Shao is from Shengshi Group! We are from Jiangshi Tianlong Group and Shengshi Club are all the properties of Shengshi Group! You are over! You are dead!”
“Madman! You madman!” The people around were completely panicked.
After all, Leng Bufan’s identity background is too terrifying, and now Lin Fan abolishes Leng Bufan in front of everyone, the Shengshi Group and Great Master Leng Aotian are likely to spread the anger to everyone here.
A trace of panic filled everyone’s minds.
Especially Zhou Nan.
Her pretty face was as white as paper, she hurried forward, trying to help Leng Bufan:
“Bai Yi, your husband did a good job! He damn, you damn! Wait! Shengshi Group will not let you go! You are completely finished !”
Zhou Nan’s face flashed with a deep resentment.
Immediately after.
She seemed to have thought of something, her eyes brightened, and she quickly said to Leng Bufan:
“Young Leng, hurry up and call Tianlong Group Chairman Xu Tianlong and the eldest sister of the Shengshi Club, Blood Rose! Let them deal with this kid! Revenge, we must Revenge for you!”
Xu Tianlong!
Blood rose!
These are the giants of black and white who dominate Jiang City, especially all of them are directly under the command of the Shengshi Group.
Once he knew that Lin Fan had abolished Leng Shao, then Lin Fan would surely meet the monstrous anger of the two giants.

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