Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 565

There were hundreds of people who came in, but no one answered him.
At this moment, the atmosphere in the box is extremely strange.
It was densely packed with people standing.
But there is no word!
No one said.
Everyone’s eyes just looked at Leng Bufan indifferently, as if they were looking at a stranger.
After discovering that something was wrong, the surrounding Bai Yifan and others, as well as all the guests, had a bad feeling in their hearts.
They originally thought that these big men came for Leng Bufan.
But it seems that it is not so!
“What’s the matter? Blood Rose! Xu Tianlong! Are you dumb? I am the only son of Leng Kang, the president of Shengshi Group! I am now injured. Don’t you even let go of a fart?”
Leng Bufan was full of face. Unbelievable, he screamed frantically at Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong.
Only after his words resounded.
A playful voice followed:
“They won’t listen to you!”
Hearing these words, Leng Bufan and all the guests in the box were startled.
Looking at the place where the sound came from, they were surprised to find that the speaker turned out to be…Lin Fan.
“Lin, what are you…what are you talking about?”
Leng Bufan’s eyes widened, and the premonition in his heart grew stronger.
And just when he couldn’t believe it, Lin Fan took a step forward, staring at his panicked face, and smiled:
“Because they didn’t come for you at all!”
Lin Fan’s words seemed like a stone thrown into the calm lake, making the surrounding Bai Yifan and others in a complete uproar.
Not for Leng Yifan?
how can that be!
Leng Yifan’s identity, Leng Yifan’s background, these bigwigs didn’t come for him, but for whom else could they come.
“Fart! You…you are talking nonsense! Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose are both my father’s subordinates, and Mr. Zhang Guohao is also my grandfather’s old acquaintance!”
“They didn’t come for me, could it be because of you, the son-in-law? ”
cold extraordinary incredible scream.
And heard this.
Lin Fan also shook his head:
“No! They didn’t come for me either!”
“But for… my wife!”
Bai Yi?
After everyone around heard this, no one could believe it.
After all, Bai Yi is known as the president of Jiang City’s first beauty, but in terms of identity and background, she and Xu Tianlong and other giants are not at the same level.
How could these big guys come for her.
The surroundings shook their heads and looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.
It’s just that Lin Fan’s words fell!
What shocked everyone’s eyes happened.
After Lin Fan’s words were exported, Zhang Guohao, Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose and more than a hundred people, as if they had received some kind of instruction, turned towards Bai Yi.
Then, he bowed deeply.
“I’ll wait, and follow Miss Bai Yi’s instructions!”
“I’ll wait, and follow Miss Bai Yi’s instructions!”
“…” The uniform voices echoed in the box.
And when I saw this spectacular scene, after hearing the horrible words.
Leng Bufan, Zhou Nan, Bai Yifan, and others, almost couldn’t believe their ears, as if being struck by thunder and stiff.

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