Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 566

be quiet!
At this moment, the atmosphere in the box was extremely quiet and suppressed.
Whether it was Leng Bufan and others, or Bai Yifan and others, they all looked at the densely packed hundreds of bowing figures, and their eyes were filled with thick incredible.
“How… how is it possible! Zhang Guohao, Blood Rose, Xu Tianlong, they are all here for Bai Yi?”
“This, it’s impossible!”
Leng Bufan’s eyes were wide and wide, and he still dreamed now. general.
Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose are both direct descendants of their Prosperity Group. They are not for his Prosperity Master, but for a woman.
This made Leng Bufan unacceptable and unacceptable.
More than them!
At this moment, even Bai Yi in front of everyone was holding his small mouth tightly, and on her pretty face, there was a dense flash of disbelief.
how so!
Bai Yi was completely confused.
She is just the president of a Xiaoxin Bai family, not to mention Xu Tianlong and other giants, even a second-rate family is far better than her Xin Bai family by several times.
And now, these giants all bowed to themselves and obeyed her instructions?
This is like a fantasy.
At this moment, Leng Bufan’s frightened voice exploded:
“Xu Tianlong! Blood Rose! Why, do you know what you are doing?”
Leng Bufan was angry.
His subordinates were all wounded, his whole person was abolished, and now even the subordinates directly under the Shengshi Group were standing on the side of Lin Fan and Bai Yi, which made him feel terribly angry.
In an instant, everyone’s eyes were focused on Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose.
Obviously all the guests around couldn’t understand why the two did this.
However, it was in the sight of everyone’s astonishment.
I saw Xu Tianlong, Blood Rose and others, slowly straightening up. They looked at Leng Bufan, full of indifference and disdain:
“Master Leng, we have our own reasons for doing this! In addition, let me tell you something. You can’t offend people!”
“Yes! Young Leng, I advise you to apologize to Mr. Lin now, otherwise you will not only harm yourself, but also your father and even your grandfather!”
When I heard the words of Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose.
Everyone around was confused again.
Some people can’t afford to provoke?
Could it be Lin Fan and Bai Yi?
Moreover, what Lin Fan and Bai Yi have, Xu Tianlong actually said, Leng Shao might even harm his father and grandfather, this…how is it possible.
The words of the two made Leng Bufan’s complexion even more ashen.
At this moment, he even felt that Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong were absolutely crazy.
His father is Leng Kang, president of Shengshi Group!
His grandfather is Leng Aotian, one of the two great masters in Jiangnan.
And Lin Fan and Bai Yi are just two little people in Jiangshi, how could they threaten his father and grandfather.
Blood Rose seemed to see through Leng Bufan’s unrestrainedness, and immediately smiled coldly:
“Leng Shao, I will give you three days. If within these three days, you have not pleaded guilty to Mr. Lin Fan and Miss Bai Yi, then we will report to the group. At that time, what I will bring to you and President Leng Kang will be unimaginable! ”
The words of the blood rose even more revealing a strong self-confidence, causing the whole box to be in an uproar again.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t care about the shock of these people. He took Bai Yi and walked slowly outside the box under the escort of Blood Rose, Xu Tianlong, Zhang Guohao and others.
Only the shocked and confused people were left.

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