Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 568

That Lin Fan was so daring to steal the Skeleton Emperor Card.
After listening to Lin Guangyao’s narration, everyone in the entire box was in a complete uproar.
Everyone’s eyes were full of incredible.
You must know that the issuer of the Skull Emperor Card is not Shengshi Group, but the real issuer is Universal Group.
The Global Group, the most terrifying behemoth in the world, let alone a master, no one dares to offend even a master.
Even if it is an international giant, there is only one outcome for offending the Global Group, and that is…death!
And now!
Lin Fan stole the Skeleton King Card from the Universal Group. Once the matter is revealed, then what awaits him and Bai Yi will be devastated.
“So that’s it!” At this moment, Leng Bufan, a slight grin appeared at the corner of his mouth, and the delight and resentment in his eyes flickered:
“No wonder Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose would obey him! It turns out that he deceived them with the Skeleton Emperor Card! ”
Leng Bufan almost confirmed that Lin Fan is not only a thief, but also a fraudster.
After all, with a small person like Lin Fan, how could he have such a noble card.
This is almost incredible.
And beside.
Bai Yifan and Shen Jian also said quickly:
“Young Master Leng, you are the young master of Shengshi Group. Please report this matter quickly! President Lengkang will send someone to deal with it!”
“Yes! Young Master Leng, this time he hurt you. If you stole the emperor’s card, you must not spare this kid!” The two of them added fuel and jealousy, and their hearts were extremely happy.
They seemed to be able to see Lin Fan’s miserable and pathetic end.
Hearing persuasion, Leng Bufan’s face became more and more fierce:
“Huh! My father will come to Jiangshi in a few days. Let this bastard jump for a few days in the next few days. Then, the new hatred and the old hate will be counted together! ”
I must make him worse than dead!”
Leng Bufan’s eyes were splashed with a thick and brutal color.
And when they heard this, Lin Guangyao and the others next to him were extremely excited and ecstatic.

And at the same time!
On the way back to Li Yuan Mansion.
On Bai Yi’s pretty face, there is still a thick confusion and consternation, as if until now, he still has not awakened from the shock of this banquet.
Lin Fan is the master?
And can you command giants like Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose?
Bai Yi couldn’t accept it. She turned her head and couldn’t help looking at Lin Fan who was driving next to her with complicated eyes:
“Lin…Lin Fan! All this is because of you, right?”
Bai Yi is not a fool, let alone Be dazzled by Xu Tianlong and others’ respect.
In her eyes, she is just a former president who was removed from the Bai family, nothing more.
In terms of identity, status, even a single hair of those big guys, it can’t match.
And the only explanation is his husband… Lin Fan.
“Wife! Why did you suddenly say that!” Lin Fan gave a dry smile, but didn’t know how to answer.
And see this scene.
The shock in Bai Yi’s heart became stronger and more accurate. All of this was caused by Lin Fan:
“Lin Fan, I don’t know how many things you hide! But I want to tell you, don’t be so reckless in the future!” That’s it!
Bai Yi’s pretty face was full of deep worries:
“Today, you abolished the young master of the Shengshi Group! Grandmaster Leng Aotian’s grandson!”
“They will definitely retaliate, then, you…”

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If the skeleton king card was stolen this would have already been reported. Some of the story doesn’t make sense , seems a bit mixed up . The author needs to check his story before finishing it . This is a must for every author .

Since the skeleton king card was given by the higher up, i think those who are not involved does not really have a say weather it was reported or not. And They already know that lin fan does not want his identity to be revealed so that should explain why they hide it from those who are just an ordinary employees or even to those arrogant rich kid

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