Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 567

Until Lin Fan waited for everyone, left the box.
The tranquility in the box was restored once again, and the atmosphere was simply suffocating.
Zhou Nan seemed to have lost all strength and fell to the ground.
Only then did she find that her back clothes had been wet with cold sweat.
“Bai…How did Bai Yi do it?”
Zhou Nan only felt a shock from the soul.
She used to be jealous of Bai Yi, but this time she came to Jiang City and invited Bai Yi to show off her boyfriend to this woman.
But who can think of it.
Bai Yi’s husband turned out to be a top master, and she has the terrifying ability to command all the giants in Jiang City.
This gave Zhou Nan a deep sense of frustration.
“Leng… Leng Shao! That blood rose is so confident, do Lin Fan and Bai Yi really have terrible identities that we don’t know?”
Zhou Nan asked Leng Bufan as if thinking of something with a horrified face.
Not just her!
At this moment, Leng Bufan also had a deep fear, especially thinking that if Lin Fan and Bai Yi really had any terrible identities, and they affected his father and grandfather, then he would be completely finished.
“I…I don’t know!”
Leng Bufan swallowed fiercely, and his voice trembled.
At this moment, almost everyone could see Leng Bufan’s panic.
Just at this moment.
A figure came out:
“Younger Leng, don’t worry! Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong were all deceived by Lin Fan!”
This sentence caused Leng Bufan to be taken aback for a moment. He quickly turned his head and looked around, but he discovered that the speaker turned out to be Lin Guangyao.
“Do you know the inside story?”
Leng Bufan’s face showed a trace of excitement and quickly asked.
And everyone around him also looked at Lin Guangyao.
Obviously, every one of Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong was extremely curious about why they listened to Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s words.
And feel the curious eyes of everyone around.
A trace of complacency appeared on Lin Guangyao’s face before he said:
“Yes! Young Leng, I know why Blood Rose and Xu Tianlong obey Bai Yi and Lin Fan so much!”
“Because of that Lin Fan, Have a Skeleton King Card!”
When Lin Guangyao’s words fell, Leng Bufan was struck by lightning.
Skeleton King Card!
The highest level card of Shengshi Group.
Three of these cards have been issued in Huaxia, and each one is controlled by the top giants in China.
Even his father had just seen him, and he hadn’t even touched it.
And now…
“No…impossible! How could that Lin Fan have the Skeleton King Card? Does he…what terrifying identity does he really have?”
Leng Bufan’s forehead was dripping with cold sweat.
If Lin Fan is really the master of the Emperor Card, then he and his father will really be in disaster.
However, Lin Guangyao smiled slightly, and then said bitterly:
” Young Master Leng, Lin Fan stole the Skeleton Emperor Card!”
“He was using this card from his head to deceive Xu Tianlong and blood. rose!”
“So, I hope you can report to your father, Mr. Leng Kang, to give him the harshest punishment for this thief and fraudster!”
Lin Guangyao fell, and the whole box was completely exploded.

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