Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 570

On the road in Jiangshi, a Mercedes Benz was driving fast.
“Lin Fan, hurry up! Hurry up!”
Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes were red, and tears had already wetted that beautiful face.
And heard this.
Lin Fan didn’t reply, just stepped on the accelerator.
The Mercedes Benz was humming and roaring, like an arrow from the string, in the traffic flow of Jiangshi road, constantly speeding through.
It wasn’t until five minutes later that Lin Fan saw from a distance that the roadside in front was a circle of passers-by.
Arrived !” Lin Fan stopped the Mercedes Benz by the side of the road, and quickly got out of the car with Bai Yi.
When the two separated from the crowd and came inside, they suddenly saw a woman lying on the ground.
Her left leg has completely deformed, and the scarlet blood completely wets the trouser leg.
Especially her originally graceful cheeks are now as pale as paper, with beads of sweat dripping from her forehead.
It is Shen Yumei.
Seeing Shen Yumei’s tragic situation, Bai Yi suddenly let out a mournful wailing and rushed forward.
“Mom! Why did you get hit by a car, who did it? Who did it?”
Bai Yi burst into tears at this moment, and it was the first time she saw her mother, so miserable.
But Shen Yumei was so dizzy with pain that she couldn’t answer at all.
The Baishan beside him said with red eyes:
“Bai Yi, your mother and I went for a walk in the park, but never thought that when we crossed the sidewalk, a Bentley would run through a red light and rushed over.”
“Your mother couldn’t react, and was broken a leg by that Bentley!”
Run the red light!
Hearing this, Lin Fan’s complexion sank, and he asked in a cold voice,
“Where is that car?”
Not only Lin Fan, but Bai Yi also looked confused, because when they came over, they didn’t see any The shadow of a Bentley car.
“That car ran away and escaped after the accident! And I saw it was a license plate from Jiangnan City!” Baishan said, tears rolled down.
In a word, it made Lin Fan’s complexion even more ugly.
Although Shen Yumei is usually acrimonious, but to Lin Fan, she truly regarded Lin Fan as her family and her own child.
Lin Fan also admitted Shen Yumei’s mother from his heart.
But now!
At the moment, Lin Fan wanted to step forward to check Shen Yumei’s injuries, but at this moment.
Bumble! Bumble!
The whistle sounded loudly, but an ambulance was approaching.
“Xiao Fan, the ambulance is here! After your mother was hit, I called the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital!” Bai Shan said quickly.
Hearing this, Lin Fan relaxed a little.
The Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital is his hospital. Every doctor in it has extraordinary medical skills but is worthy of trust.
From the ambulance, walk down two paramedics and an emergency doctor.
After the emergency doctor stepped forward to check Shen Yumei’s leg, he said to the two caregivers next to him:
“The patient just broke his leg, so please get into the car!”
Hearing the order, the two caregivers wanted to immediately. Turning Shen Yumei’s body, she put her on a stretcher.
However, at this moment, Lin Fan took a closer look at Shen Yumei’s leg wound, his complexion changed slightly:
“Wait a minute!”
After speaking, he immediately stepped forward and stopped the movements of the two caregivers.
This scene not only caused the doctor and nurse to be taken aback, but even Bai Yi and Baishan’s father and daughter turned their heads in doubt.

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