Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 571

“Who are you? Why are we stopping us from treating patients!” The doctor shouted angrily, filled with deep dissatisfaction.
Lin Fan did not speak.
Instead, she stepped forward and took a closer look at Shen Yumei’s broken leg. Then she said:
“I am the son-in-law of the wounded! You can’t carry my mother-in-law on a stretcher now. You must take the bone first! Otherwise, her leg will be completely Discarded! ”
As soon as Lin Fan’s words came out, the doctors, nurses, and even the father and daughter of Baishan were all dumbfounded.
Must be boned first?
Otherwise the leg is broken?
Everyone looked at Lin Fan at this moment, as if they were looking at a fool.
“Nonsense! I just saw it. The patient just had a broken leg and there is no other problem. It’s too late to go back to the hospital to get the bone!” The doctor looked at Lin Fan’s gaze, full of anger:
“Also, you are injured. Family members of the victim, this is wasting time. If the injured person bleeds too much and is dangerous because of your relationship, will you bear the responsibility?” The doctor said, righteously.
Upon hearing this, Bai Yi also complained to Lin Fan dissatisfiedly:
“Lin Fan, what are you doing! You are not a doctor, so quickly let them send our mother to the hospital!”
Not only Bai Yi, Bai Shan I also thought that Lin Fan was talking nonsense, and said dissatisfied:
“Lin Fan, now is not when you are in the limelight, your mother’s injuries are the most important!”
In Baishan’s view, his son-in-law said this at this time, obviously for the sake of being limelight. That’s it.
This made Baishan extremely disappointed.
Lin Fan didn’t care about the accusation of the two of them. He turned Shen Yumei’s broken leg slightly outwards, pointed at a sharp bone spur, and said to the doctor:
“You are an emergency doctor, don’t you Will you check it carefully?”
“My mother-in-law’s bone has been punctured, and it has pierced the aorta. If she moves randomly, it will only puncture the aorta and cannot stop the bleeding!”
In a word, the doctor’s complexion changed slightly.
He hurried forward and took a closer look.
After he saw the position where the sharp bone spurs were against, his face suddenly shook, pale as paper.
The bone spurs against the artery!
If she moves randomly, then this leg of Shen Yumei is likely to be completely scrapped.
Beads of sweat flowed from the doctor’s forehead, and he said in a trembling voice:
“But…but the bone spurs of the wounded are too sharp and scattered, I’m afraid that only the head of our hospital can get bones! ”
the look of the doctor and his words changed the complexion of everyone around him.
They can be sure at this moment that what Lin Fan said is absolutely true, otherwise the emergency doctor would not be so scared.
In an instant, everyone’s look at Lin Fan changed.
Baishan, Baiyi and his father were shocked.
They didn’t even know that Lin Fan actually knew medical skills, especially in just a few words, that scared the emergency doctor into this.
The two didn’t have time to think, and asked Lin Fan eagerly:
“Lin…Lin Fan! What should I do now? My mother has lost a lot of blood. If I invite Senior Gao to come over now, I am afraid that our mother will be in danger!”
“Xiao Fan , think of a way! Must think of a way!”
At this moment, the father and daughter almost burst into tears.
And Lin Fan nodded, and a touch of determination flashed in his eyes:
“There is no other way, only…I am coming!”

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