Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 573

The faces of everyone around him were filled with a deep disbelief.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t have time to care about everyone’s shock, his eyes flashed with a hint of chill:
“Do it!!!” The words faintly, but fell in the ears of the emergency doctor, suddenly like thunder.
Even the mentality of emergency doctors was temporarily blurred.
As if he was hypnotized, he squatted down and, as Lin Fan said, his five fingers stretched out and pressed against Shen Yumei’s main artery.
See this scene.
Everyone around was dumbfounded.
They didn’t expect that the emergency doctor was still opposing just now, and in a blink of an eye they followed Lin Fan’s words.
“Move three inches to the left!”
Lin Fan didn’t seem to care about everyone around him at this moment. All his mind was on Shen Yumei’s broken leg.
Upon hearing this, the emergency doctor moved his finger three inches to the left like a puppet being manipulated.
“Thumb and index finger are bifurcated, go up three times!”
“Lean the ring finger to the left, press down with the little finger!”
At this moment, under everyone’s nervous eyes, Lin Fan said one sentence.
This is more than that.
While manipulating the five-finger pulse pressure of the emergency doctor, he put on medical gloves and began to move and pinch Shen Yumei’s broken leg bone.
At this moment, everyone around could almost hear the sound of the broken bones moving.
One thorn after another.
Lin Fan kept pinching and pressing.
Time is also slowly passing by in this pinching bone sound.
Ten seconds!
Twenty seconds!

As time passed slowly, Bai Yi’s father and daughter only felt their hearts, almost reaching their throats.
They wanted to stop Lin Fan, but now it was done, and they couldn’t stop it.
“It must be successful! Lin Fan, you can…”
Bai Yi’s jade hands were clenched tightly together, the palms of which were covered with sweat.
She looked at Lin Fan’s eyes, filled with deep plea and expectation.
But in the nervous look of everyone.
With a clear sound, everyone suddenly saw Shen Yumei’s whole body trembled in pain, and exclaimed.
Bai Yi and Bai Shan were startled at this moment, and subconsciously wanted to stop Lin Fan.
And at this moment.
They saw that Lin Fan took a long sigh of relief, and then stood up from the ground.
Lin Fan wiped the sweat from his forehead, turned his head and smiled at Bai Yi.
Everyone was stunned at this moment, they just heard the sound of bones and Shen Yumei’s screams.
And this… succeeded?
“Lin Fan…you, are you sure?”
Bai Yi’s pretty face was covered with a thick incredulous.
Although she had prayed for Lin Fan’s success before, she didn’t have the slightest assurance in her heart.
After all, she never knew that Lin Fan knew how to heal?
Not to mention the far superior bone fixation method?
It’s like a fantasy.
Seeing the suspicion of the people around him, Lin Fan smiled slightly, and snapped his fingers at the emergency doctor next to him.
There was a sound of snapping fingers.
Everyone suddenly saw that the emergency doctor shuddered, and then a deep confusion appeared on his face:
“Just…what happened just now?”
Everyone was stunned.
Only then did they discover that the emergency doctor seemed to have forgotten what happened just now, as if all of his coordinated movements had been manipulated under Lin Fan’s hypnosis.
This makes everyone even more so.
However, I haven’t waited for them to remind.
The horrified scream of the emergency doctor suddenly came:
“This broken bone was…connected?”

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