Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 574

Broken bone… connected!
When the emergency doctor’s incredible voice came.
Like a burst of thunder, it shocked everyone around him.
A 30-second bone fixation is something that the director of the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital cannot do.
And now, was this young man in front of him easily able to do it?
At this moment, whether it was Baishan’s father and daughter, or everyone around him, looking at Lin Fan, it was as if they had seen a ghost, filled with a thick daze and shock.
This is more than that.
At this moment, the emergency doctor seemed to recall what he had just done.
The look on his face went from stunned to shock, and finally stared at Lin Fan, his voice trembled and asked:
“I was just helping you to compress your pulse with five fingers?”
Lin Fan nodded.
“It was you who took the bone in 30 seconds?” Lin Fan nodded again.
After confirming that everything he remembered was true, the emergency doctor almost fell to the ground.
“Oh my God! It’s… It’s a success! It’s really 30 seconds to get the bone! This is incredible!”
“Also, I just seemed to be hypnotized by…?” The emergency doctor frowned at this moment.
And the more he thought about it, the colder his back became, and the mystery and fear of Lin Fan filled his heart.
Lin Fan was not interested in caring about his inner drama, and said to the two caregivers at this moment:
“Now I can carry my mother on a stretcher!”
“Okay…Okay! Now!”
The two caregivers didn’t wake up from the shock until this moment.
The two of them looked at Lin Fan now, completely changed.
As if looking at a devil and a god’s house.
As Shen Yumei was put on the stage by an ambulance, Lin Fan, Bai Yi, and Bai Shan also hurriedly got in.
In the beeping whistle, he began to drive quickly towards the Yifan Chinese and Western Hospital.
When the ambulance came to the Chinese and Western Hospital.
The severe pain in Shen Yumei’s leg has slowly begun to fade, and her whole person has slowly woken up.
Lin Fan!
After she heard everything, Shen Yumei looked at Lin Fan with tears.
These are tears of excitement, gratitude, and relief.
“Mom! Go in and put a plaster on you and fix the injured bone, you will be completely safe!” Lin Fan said with a slight smile at Shen Yumei.
Hearing this, Shen Yumei felt even more warmth in her heart, and she nodded fiercely:
“Xiao Fan , Xin…Thanks for your hard work!” At this moment, she looked at Lin Fan as if her mother-in-law looked at her son-in-law The more satisfied you look.
At the moment, the family escorted Shen Yumei and got out of the ambulance.
Just at this moment.
Everyone saw that a Bentley was parked in the hospital parking lot.
Then, a woman with heavy makeup, holding a young man with a greasy face, walked out of the car.
“Yes… it’s them! It’s the car!!!”
Baishan screamed after seeing the car and the man and woman who came down.
In a word, the expressions of Lin Fan and Bai Yi completely changed.
They didn’t expect that the perpetrator not only escaped, but even dared to show up in the hospital in a big way.
However, this does not stop.
Baishan’s scream obviously attracted the attention of the man and woman.
When they turned their heads and saw Baishan and Shen Yumei on the stretcher, the woman with heavy makeup suddenly recognized the two:
“Yeah! Isn’t this the one who touched the porcelain just now?”
“What? Didn’t kill you guys!”

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