Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 582

“Grandpa! What are you going to do?” At this moment, He Jiaojiao’s pretty face was still pale and sickly.
Especially, whenever she felt the severe pain of her broken leg, she hated Lin Fan.
Heard this!
Helan Mountain couldn’t help but touched the plaster on his granddaughter’s broken leg, and then said angrily:
“Jiaojiao, don’t worry! You are my granddaughter of Helan Mountain. If Lin Fan interrupted your leg, it was a beating. I lost the face of Helan Mountain!” “If this hatred is not revenge, I Helan Mountain will be a great master!” That’s it!
A dignified look appeared on Helan Mountain’s face:
“However, before that, we have more important things to do! That is, tomorrow’s battle, destroy the bloody Buddha!”
“Yes!” Leng Aotian’s old-eyed Zhizhi In the middle, the fighting spirit is also full:
“Blood Buddha, the ferocious might conquer the northwest, and the fierce name is so famous!”
“This time he came to the Jiangnan site, this is the best opportunity for the two of us to kill this dog!”
Bloody Buddha!
This is almost all the great masters of China who want to punish them.
After all, the other party’s fierce reputation is too high, no matter who it is, as long as the Blood Buddha is removed, he will become a hero in the Chinese martial arts world.
Heard this.
Leng Bufan next to him couldn’t help but asked in confusion:
“Grandpa! Grandpa He! Are you all on your own in the battle tomorrow?”
“This time it is Grandmaster Lin who abolished the blood wolf and the bloody Buddha! Why are you? Don’t the two join forces with Grandmaster Lin ?” Grandmaster Lin?
Heard the name.
Whether it was Helan Mountain or Leng Aotian’s face, there was a deep look of disdain.
“What shit Grandmaster Lin! It’s just a junior, what qualifications do you have to join hands with us!” Leng Aotian was full of arrogance.
And Helan Mountain nodded in agreement:
“The Blood Buddha on the TV has already issued a challenge letter to the one surnamed Lin! But the one surnamed Lin never came forward to respond. According to my estimation, he is afraid of being scared. !”
That’s right!
Starting from the declaration of the video challenge of the Bloody Buddha, Grand Master Lin never responded to whether to fight.
Not only the two great masters, but even many powerful men in the Jiangnan martial arts world, have also questioned Grandmaster Lin.
Some people suspected that the name of Master Lin did not match the truth, and he did not dare to fight the Blood Buddha.
Some people also suspect that the surname Lin has not reached the realm of a great master at all.
The reason why the blood wolf was abolished was only by luck!
Almost everyone thought that in the first battle tomorrow, the real challengers were probably only Leng Aotian and Helanshan.
That’s it!
Everyone saw that the picture on the TV changed, and a video news was interrupted again.
Above the video, an ugly old man appeared.
After seeing this person on TV.
Whether it was Helan Mountain or Leng Aotian, all his expressions changed.
“Blood Buddha!”
That’s right!
The person on this TV is the Blood Buddha.
At this moment, he smiled grimly at the camera:
“Master Lin, tomorrow will be the day when I arrive in Jiangshi, and it is also the time for our decisive battle! I hope you will be there on time!”
“In addition, the old man heard that there are two ants called Leng Aotian and Helanshan. Reptiles, want to challenge me?”
“Sorry, I am under the blood of the Buddha, don’t kill the nameless!”
“Iron blood is not dead, I am invincible!”
“Hey… see you tomorrow!”
After this video message was broadcast on TV, a sigh of coldness suddenly rose in the meeting room.

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