Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 583

Leng Aotian was extremely angry, and at this moment, he slapped fiercely on the coffee table.
The entire coffee table was suddenly covered with layers of ice.
Then it smashed to pieces.
“This Bloody Buddha actually didn’t put the two of us in the eyes, but regarded the Lin surnamed as an opponent! This is damned!”
Leng Aotian couldn’t accept it.
After all, in his eyes, Grandmaster Lin is just a newly promoted Grandmaster, and it is unknown whether he really has the strength of a Grandmaster.
And the bloody Buddha’s speech this time was obviously an insult to Leng Aotian!
And the Helan Mountain next to him, in the same eyes, a strong murderous intent flashed:
“Huh! Wait! Tomorrow we two old guys will not only kill the bloody Buddha, but also teach the surname Lin a lesson. Look!”
“Let him understand who is in Jiangnan!”
Leng Aotian and Helanshan looked at each other, and became more and more excited about tomorrow’s Great Master’s battle.

And at the same time!
Bai family!
All the Bai family cores are in one place.
Mrs. Bai held an invitation card in his hand, and his eyes flashed with intense excitement and anticipation:
“Well, our Bai family is now in Jiangshi. It can be said to be in full swing!”
“If it is normal, I will There is no qualification to watch the battle! And now, I can even watch the Great Master’s battle. This is an honor!”
The corner of the old lady Bai’s mouth was filled with joy that could not be concealed.
The Great Master’s battle.
The qualifications to watch the game are extremely strict.
In Jiangshi, only first-class families and giants such as Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose are eligible to enter.
As for the Bai Group, it used to be just a second-rate family.
But now!
With the development of the Bai Group, they have far surpassed the first-class, almost reaching the level of the giant chaebol.
This is more than that.
Grandpa Bai turned his gaze, looked straight at Bai Yifan, and asked, “Yifan, are you sure that Lin Fan interrupted Miss He Jiaojiao’s leg?”
“Yes! Grandpa!”
Bai Yifan’s mouth. suffused with a deep sense of vicious color, excitement, said:
“While the outside world are rumors, Lin He interrupted the doctor’s legs, but we waited in the first people’s hospital of people have been asking clear!!” “not only It was Lin Fan who abolished Leng Bufan, and it was Lin Fan who interrupted He Jiaojiao’s legs!” In a word!
All the high-levels in the main hall of the Bai family were in an uproar.
“Hahaha…could be brave! That Lin Fan is really brave! This time, he is completely finished!”
“Yes, fortunately, the old lady has the foresight and drove this broom star out of the Bai family ahead of time, otherwise we white house, he will be hurt! ” ”
Oh! this time, the guy provoke the Helan Mountain and Lengao Tian, death is immune! he died, new Pak Group has completely finished! ” ”
…… ”
many high-level white house There was a strong excitement on his face.
After all, Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s Xin Bai clan have long been their thorns and thorns!
But Lin Fan was slaughtered, which was more in line with their wishes.
Not only them!
At this moment, even the smile on Mrs. Bai’s face became more intense:
“This kid can really die! It is estimated that Leng Aotian and Helanshan, the two great masters, will be resolved after the first battle tomorrow. Lin Fan! The new Bai family no longer poses any threat to our Bai family!” That said.
Mrs. Bai is looking forward to watching the Great Master’s Battle tomorrow.

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