Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 584

Ivan Chinese and Western Hospital, in the senior nursing ward.
Lin Fan and Bai Yi’s family are chatting with Shen Yumei.
But at this moment.
On TV, the challenge video of the Bleeding Buddha was immediately played.
The ugly face of the bloody Buddha appeared on TV supremacy, and the harsh and cold words resounded: “Master Lin, tomorrow is the day when I arrive in Jiangshi, and it is also the time for our decisive battle! I hope you will be there on time for the appointment. !”
After hearing this.
The Baiyi family in the ward took a breath.
“Is this the master of the blood wolf, the top East Asian killer? It’s scary! Just listening to his voice, I actually have a feeling of hairy all over!”
Baishan’s face was pale, looking at the ugly face of the Bloody Buddha on TV. I just felt the hairs standing upside down.
Not only him!
Bai Yi and Shen Yumei beside them were also pale as paper, and they looked at the bloody Buddha with fear.
They just didn’t notice.
After hearing the voice of the bloody Buddha.
Lin Fan’s body shook fiercely, with a trace of astonishment and disbelief, flashing in his eyes:
“This voice…”
Lin Fan found that the face of Blood Buddha, although extremely strange.
But that voice had a familiar feeling to the bones.
This is more than that.
The TV supreme Blood Buddha Tu continued:
“In addition, the old man heard that there are two ant crawlers named Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain. Want to challenge me?”
“Sorry, I don’t kill the unknown people!”
“Iron blood is not dead, I am invincible!”
“Hey…see you tomorrow!”
After hearing that sentence, “I am not dead, I am invincible”, Lin Fan only felt his head buzzed, completely dumbfounded.
“Yes… is it him?” A deep excitement appeared in Lin Fan’s face.
In his mind, a majestic figure like an iron tower could not help but emerge.
That was a tower man in his thirties.
After Lin Fan was a teenager and killed an international giant, he successfully ascended the Throne of Darkness.
And that big man is his servant and guardian, his name-Blood Servant!
He followed Lin Fan, destroyed the Palace of the Underworld, and slaughtered the Eight Gods!
From the Americas, all the way to Asia, and then from Asia, to conquer Western Europe.
The life-and-death battles that have been experienced are hundreds of times.
In this battle, Lin Fan’s strength has improved by leaps and bounds, but the enemies he encountered have become more powerful.
Countless times, Lin Fan almost lost his life under the butcher knife of those terrifying opponents.
It’s a blood servant!
The tough guy of the iron tower used his back and chest time and time again to help Lin Fan resist the next killer moves.
In Lin Fan’s memory.
Almost all of the hundreds of wounds on the blood servant were left because of him.
Until five years ago.
Lin Fan single-handedly created the most terrifying force on earth-Blood Prison!
It swept the world’s giants and established the Global Group.
The Blood Servant was almost exhausted, and his strength began to slowly decline amid years of pain.
So he decided.
drop out!
He didn’t want to be a burden around Lin Fan, the King of the Blood Prison. He would rather leave the Blood Prison with the pain and loneliness of a hero. Since then, there is no news.
And now…
“Blood Servant, is it…you?”
Lin Fan finally understood at this moment why the name Blood Buddha is so familiar.
Back then, he remembered that one of the words that Blood Servant liked most was-Buddha!

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