Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 597

Hearing this, both Leng Aotian and the other Jiangnan gangsters in the stadium were all dumbfounded.
What do you mean?
Xuefutu was saying that he would not fight against Leng Aotian, but instead let his disciple Blood Wolf fight?
After reacting, the entire stadium exploded once again.
“Crazy! Is this bloody Buddha going to let his disciple come forward and die? That blood wolf has long been abolished!”
“Yes, look at him in a sloppy suit, like a beggar! This kind of person! , I’m afraid that I can’t beat Grandmaster Leng’s slap, and I will be beaten to death?”
“Huh! Arrogant! What the hell is the Blood Buddha? Not to mention that the blood wolf has been abolished. Even in the peak period of the blood wolf, it is just a master. That’s it! How could it be the opponent of Grandmaster Leng and Grandmaster He!”
“…” The whole gymnasium was full of noise.
Almost everyone looked at the bloody Buddha, as if they were looking at a madman.
And above the high platform.
The expressions of Leng Aotian and Helanshan were equally gloomy to the extreme.
In their eyes, the bloody Buddha let his disciple play, which clearly means that the two of them are not worthy of the other’s action.
This kind of ignorance of general humiliation made Leng Aotian and the other two almost crazy.
“Blood Buddha, are you going to send your disciple to death?”
Leng Aotian stared at the Blood Buddha, his words filled with murderous intent.
To die?
“Hahaha…” The Blood Buddha suddenly smiled.
The disdain of laughing, as if he heard the funniest joke in the world: “Little wolf, they don’t believe you, then you will show your aura!”
A word from Xuefutu made Leng Aotian’s eyelids jump.
And just before they reacted.
The two only felt a terrifying evil spirit, coming out of the blood wolf, like a raging wave sweeping the entire high platform.
After sensing this momentum, Leng Aotian and Helanshan’s eyes almost fell out.
“Great… Great Master!!!”
Not only Leng Aotian and the others were horrified.
Even in the stands of the surrounding gymnasium, all Jiangnan gangsters huffed, and all stood up from their seats.
Their faces were filled with horror.
Blood wolf is the great master?
This is so… how is it possible!
At this moment, almost all of them were dumbfounded, whether it was Leng Aotian or the strong in the gym.
“No…impossible! Before your apprentice, his dantian was abolished by the surname Lin, he…how could he not lose the grade, but broke through?” Leng Aotian’s voice trembled.
Above that old face, it was like seeing a ghost.
And heard this.
The blood wolf smiled sternly:
“Is it unexpected?”
“However, it is more unexpected waiting for you! When you die, don’t worry, I will tell you because of what!”
The blood wolf’s words were arrogant and arrogant.
Especially, what surprised everyone was.
After his words fell, the whole figure flashed, and he suddenly culled towards Leng Aotian.
Actively attack and kill?

Death !!!” Leng Aotian was completely angered.
Although he was a little astonished at the fact that the blood wolf not only was not abolished, but broke through, but as an old master, how could he put a new master in his eyes.
“Brother He! I’ve given this to me!”
Leng Aotian flashed in the same figure, facing the blood wolf, attacking and killing.
It’s just that the two of them have just fought, and the scene where Leng Aotian’s dead soul is in danger has appeared!

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