Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 598

boom! boom! boom!
At this moment, on the high platform of the gymnasium center, there were constant loud noises.
Leng Aotian and Blood Wolf, two great masters, flickered on the high platform like phantoms.
Each of their punches contained true energy, with supreme pressure.
Let alone ordinary people.
Even if the master is strong, I am afraid that he will be beaten to death.
But now.
What made Leng Aotian unbelievable was that he fell with one punch after another, but every blow was firmly received by the blood wolf.
It couldn’t hurt the other party at all.
Especially terrible.
The blood wolf’s strength was incredible, and with every blow, Leng Aotian only felt a burst of pain in his arm, as if he was about to break.
one move!
Another trick!
Seeing the two figures fighting life and death on the high platform, and the many Jiangnan big men in the stadium, all looked dumbfounded.
“Okay… so strong! It’s just the infuriating fluctuations that these two people have spread, and I actually feel a kind of frail powerlessness!”
“It’s terrible! That blood wolf was obviously abolished before, how could he become a great master? ”
Yeah, and he is now on par with Grandmaster Leng. This… it’s incredible!”
Seeing the blood wolf with more and more violent fists, there is a kind of sentiment from the surrounding Jiangnan bigwigs. The trembling of the soul.
One master and apprentice, two great masters.
This is simply appalling.
At this moment, something that made them even more frightened happened.
With a burst of noise, the punch of the blood wolf slammed into Leng Aotian’s arms.
This punch, as if containing boundless and majestic power, suddenly changed Leng Aotian’s expression.
He was kicking and kicking, retreating violently towards the back.
It took more than ten steps to retreat and stabilized his figure.
Large beads of sweat dripped down from Leng Aotian’s forehead.
He looked at the blood wolf again, without a trace of contempt, but a deep dignity:
“Brother He, I am afraid I can’t win it alone!”
When Helan Mountain heard this, he was shocked.
It is enough to let the proud Leng Aotian say these words, it is clear that the blood wolf is terrible and cruel.
At the moment, there is no hesitation.
Under Helan Mountain, he also rushed forward, forming a horn-fighting situation with Leng Aotian again, facing the blood wolf together.
The scene before him stunned many Jiangnan bigwigs in the stadium stands.
“Oh my God, Grandmaster Leng is actually invincible? This is to combine two and kill one!”
“No…impossible! A blood wolf that has just been promoted is so terrible, then his master Blood Buddha, how terrifying will it be? To a degree?”
At this moment, the boundless panic was almost shrouded in the hearts of all Jiangnan bosses.
And just when they were frightened.
The blood wolf on the high platform smiled contemptuously:
“Great Master Jiangnan?”
“Hahaha…but so!”
In the words of Blood Wolf, there was a deep disdain for Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain.
And when this sentence fell, the faces of the two great masters suddenly became hot.
Annoyed into anger.
“Damn boy, take it to death!!!”
Leng Aotian and Helanshan suddenly roared, and then the two of them left and right, forming a pinch attack, and slammed and killed the blood wolf madly.
Under the impact of the two great masters, a gust of wind seemed to blow on the entire high platform.
Those two terrifying fists showed indomitable force, with my invincible force.
After rushing to the front, Leng Aotian and Helanshan went one after another, facing the blood wolf’s body, and slammed them down.
Just at this moment!
The blood wolf’s figure, like a phantom, suddenly flickered and disappeared.

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