Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 601

There was a puff.
Blast to the ground.
Quiet… the whole stadium fell into dead silence again.
All the Jiangnan gangsters around, watching the scene of two old figures on the high platform, vomiting blood on the ground, a trace of chill rushed into all of them.
What makes it difficult for everyone to accept is that Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain, the two old Jiangnan masters, were not defeated by the bloody Buddha, but by the disciple of the bloody Buddha, the blood wolf.
A trace of bitterness filled everyone’s mouth.
Blood wolves are so terrible.
So how tyrannical the Blood Buddha will be.
Everyone looked at the high platform, the figure of the old and the young, full of boundless fear, as if looking at two demons.
“The Great Master of Jiangnan?”
Blood grinned, and glanced at Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain with disdain, then turned his gaze to look at everyone around him watching the battle:
“But Antler!”
In the words of Blood Wolf, there was a kind of unparalleled arrogance.
And this sentence fell in the ears of all Jiangnan people, as if a loud slap in the face, making their faces fierce and painful.
No matter how angry everyone is, they know that what the other party is saying is the truth.
In the hands of this master and apprentice.
Whether it’s Leng Aotian or Helan Mountain, it’s just ants.
“One more person! Lin!”
The Blood Wolf ignored Leng Aotian and looked directly at the stands. His eyes were filled with a strong war spirit:
“Get out of here!”
“This time, I am. Blood wolf can defeat you with one move!!!”
The surname Lin naturally refers to Grand Master Lin.
It’s just that…
the many Jiangnan big guys in the stands looked around one by one, but they didn’t see the Great Master Lin appearing at all.
Still disappointed.
Not only the many Jiangnan gangsters below, but also Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain on the high platform, the two looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh.
Neither of their two old masters could beat the disciples of Blood Buddha.
And that Great Master Lin is only a newcomer, how could he be able to beat the two masters and disciples of Blood Wolf and Blood Buddha.
This is almost death.
“We are from Jiangnan, completely ashamed…”
Leng Aotian finished saying this at the moment, shy and angry, and wowed on the spot, again spouting a mouthful of blood, his face like ashes.
And the audience!
Mrs. Bai’s complexion was extremely complicated.
“It turns out that Grandmaster Lin is just a bully and afraid of hardship!”
“Ah…what a pity! What a sigh! I am in the Jiangnan martial arts world, I am afraid that after this battle, there will be no rise in the world!”
Although the old man Bai is not a martial arts world People.
But he is also from Jiangnan.
And now, the great master of Jiangnan was completely abused by a blood wolf into such a miserable appearance, which made him also confused.
But at this moment.
He was stunned to hear, a gentle footstep, actually slowly passed by his side, and went down.
Not only Mrs. Bai, but also other Jiangnan bigwigs around at this moment turned around.
Everyone suddenly saw a thin back.
Step by step, he walked down the stands, and walked slowly towards the central high platform.
Only after seeing this person.
Grandpa Bai could hardly believe his eyes:
“Then…that person seems to be…Lin Fan?”

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