Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 603

And it was the figure of this memory that made his body tremble more and more severe:
“His figure is like that person! But that person is the king of blood hell, the godless king of our blood hell fighters , How could he appear here, let alone a small place like Jiangshi !” A wry smile appeared on the corner of Xuefutu’s mouth.
He just thought that Lin Fan’s thin figure was somewhat similar to that man, nothing more.
At this time, Lin Fan’s soles of feet had stepped onto the high platform.
After seeing Lin Fan on the high platform, the brutal and excited color on the blood wolf’s face became more and more intense:
“Hahaha…The surname is Lin, didn’t you expect it?”
“This short time has passed, I Not only did he repair his dantian, but he even broke through to become a great master!”
The corner of the blood wolf’s mouth was filled with a thick feeling.
He would never forget that night in his entire life.
Three tricks!
Lin Fan only used three moves to nail him, the top ten killer in East Asia, like an ant on the ground.
It was his shame day.
And today, it will be his shameful day!
Thought of this.
The blood wolf took a step forward, and the great master’s momentum surged out: “Come on! Grandmaster Lin, see how I can defeat you in one move! ” One move!
Hearing this, many Jiangnan bigwigs in the audience were in an uproar.
They didn’t expect that the blood wolf would be so confident.
However, after seeing Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain on the high platform ground, all the big guys were silent.
Helan Mountain was defeated by one move.
And Leng Aotian only supported a few punches.
As for Lin Fan.
A newly promoted great master is afraid that he will not be able to take even one move.
Thinking of this, many Jiangnan bigwigs below looked at Lin Fan again, showing deep pity.
An unexpected scene appeared.
Lin Fan didn’t seem to hear Blood Wolf’s contemptuous words at all. At this moment, his gaze was focused on Blood Buddha.
He directly ignored the blood wolf.
This scene fell in the eyes of Blood Wolf, causing his breathing to stagnate slightly.
“Boy, you… how dare you ignore me?” The blood wolf was a little unbelievable.
After all, he has already been promoted to Grand Master, and his combat power is unmatched. This bastard didn’t even look at himself from beginning to end, as if he even became a Grand Master, in this guy’s eyes, he was still as weak as an ant.
“You…damn it!”
The blood wolf was completely angry.
In his eyes, endless murderous intent appeared, and his figure flashed, rushing towards Lin Fan.
“Blood Killing Punch!!!”
Call… The violent fist wind blasted down at Lin Fan with a force of lightning speed.
Five meters!
Three meters!
one meter!
Blood Wolf’s terrifying blood-killing punch was getting closer and closer to Lin Fan’s head.
It just makes everyone incredible.
Lin Fan seemed to be stupid, he still didn’t look at the blood wolf more, instead he kept staring at the bloody statue.
Everyone is dumbfounded.
Many Jiangnan bosses changed their expressions one by one, as if they saw Lin Fan being killed by the blood wolf, and they all screamed : “Master Lin, what are you stupefied! Danger!”
” Hide ! Hurry up !” Open it!”
“It’s over! Is this going to be KO?”
The faces of many Jiangnan gangsters were scared white.
And Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain thumped their chests with resentment.
It seemed to have seen the miserable scene of Lin Fan being knocked to the ground with a punch.

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