Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 604

“This idiot! What on earth is he in a daze? Is it purely on stage to die?” Leng Aotian’s face was full of hatred for iron and steel.
And Helan Mountain has an old face, dead gray:
“Our three great masters in the south of the Yangtze River, this time will be annihilated by the entire army, it is embarrassing!” The two old men seemed to be several years old at this moment, their faces were pale. With a deep sense of loss and bitterness.
And at this moment.
The bloody killing punch of Blood Wolf was already only half a meter away from Lin Fan’s head.
“Die to me!!!” The blood wolf has completely seen his hope of revenge at this moment.
The grinning color on his face became more intense.
The real energy of the whole body surged crazily toward his fists, causing his strength to skyrocket again and hit Lin Fan’s head severely.
Almost before breathing, the iron fist of the blood wolf was only a foot away from Lin Fan’s head.
However, just when everyone thought that Lin Fan was going to be knocked out.
A big hand, as if protruding out of thin air, slaughtered the blood that came, and even…catch it!
The violent blood-killing fist bombarded this palm, but the terrifying power, like a mud cow into the sea, did not even knock this palm back.
Instead, the blood killing fist came to an abrupt end.
Quiet…At this moment, the air in the entire stadium seemed to be frozen.
The expressions of regret and anger on the faces of the Jiangnan big men watching the battle around them all stiffened on their faces.
Their eyes were wide, staring at the scene on the high platform, and they could hardly believe their eyes.
More than them!
At the moment, Blood Wolf’s grinning face instantly freezes.
“No… impossible!”
He was dumbfounded.
He found that his bloody killing punch hit the palm that Lin Fan resisted, and he couldn’t show the slightest power.
As if the opponent had just made a move with the palm of his hand, he would make a full blow and become invisible.
how can that be.
“Damn bastard!”
A trace of frightening ominous premonition instantly surfaced in the blood wolf’s heart.
He almost didn’t hesitate at all. After finding that a hit was missed, the whole person wanted to flee back violently.
But something that made him even more shocked appeared.
Lin Fan’s palm was like a cast of ten thousand years of profound iron.
No matter how hard he exerted his strength, it was difficult to break his fist out of the slightest.
This scene completely panicked the blood wolf.
But just when he wanted to continue to break free.
But he saw that Lin Fan’s gaze finally turned from the body of the Blood Buddha.
In the eyes of Blood Wolf, Lin Fan’s eyes showed endless indifference from above, as if he was in his eyes, like a provocative ant crawler.
“One move?”
Lin Fan said lightly, then nodded to himself:
“Good! I will fulfill you!”
The blood wolf was startled, but did not understand what Lin Fan meant.
But at this moment.
He just felt a huge force that seemed to be overwhelming, swept from Lin Fan’s palm.
The blood wolf just felt like a wooden stick, following Lin Fan’s arm with a wave.
Pulled up his whole life.
Then he slammed it against the ground!
The blood wolf’s body, like a torn sack, was severely thrown on the high platform.
Click, click.
The tile floor on the high platform sank in an instant, and rubble was flying.
The flesh of the blood wolf smashed a big hole.

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