Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 609

And see this scene.
The whole person of Blood Buddha was struck by lightning.
Tears as big as peas dripped from the eyes of Xuefutu.
For countless days and nights, he would dream of the Caribbean Sea, dream of a group of brothers like wolves and tigers, dream of a man like a god.
That was his passionate life.
From the very beginning, he witnessed a teenager wearing a grimace mask and ascending to the Dark Throne, his life trajectory has completely changed.
He followed the boy, conquered and killed countless.
He witnessed with his own eyes that the young master conquered one after another iron-blooded heroes and built a blood prison legion that frightened countless forces around the world.
When he left the blood prison, he was like a lone wolf who had left the wolf pack.
Sad and desolate!
Until now, he had never dreamed that he would see his idol, the emperor again.
At this moment, under the shocking sight of everyone, blood and tears burst into tears, and the whole person suddenly knelt on one knee, covering his heart with his hand.
“Blood servant, see… the king!!!”
When the voice of the bloody Buddha came, the voices of everyone in the entire stadium were once again eliminated.
Everyone looked at the figure who was kneeling on one knee, watching him burst into tears with a pious face.
Everyone can’t believe their eyes.
“Wang? He…Is he the man whom the master mentioned time and time again?” The blood wolf’s body trembled, only feeling his scalp burst.
What did he do?
He even dared to attack the King of Blood Prison, and even wanted to kill the King of Blood Prison again and again?
Blood Wolf just felt like an idiot at this moment.
Also quickly plop, one knee, hurried back toward Lin Fan said:
“!! Blood servant, who, Meet the king of reckless kid, I do not know the true identity of the king, more offensive, the king indulgences”
Blood Wolf didn’t even have the courage to look up at Lin Fan’s back, and lowered his head.
The beads of sweat continued to drip as if the thread was broken.
And after seeing this scene.
Leng Aotian, Helan Mountain, and all Jiangnan bigwigs were all scared to pee.
“God… God! Am I dreaming? Grandmaster Lin turned out to be the King of the Blood Buddha Tu?”
“Blood Prison? Could it be that terrifying force in the international legend? But, how could Grand Master Lin be that terrifying force? The… King? How is this possible!”
“It’s no wonder Grandmaster Lin’s secret technique is even more exquisite than the Bloody Buddha . That’s why ! Oh my God, I don’t think Jiangshi hides such a stunning dragon?”
“… …”
All the Jiangnan bosses were all shivered with fright.
One by one, they quickly lowered their heads to Lin Fan.
after all!
This is the King of the Bloody Buddha, maybe even, in the legend, that… the King of the Blood Prison!
This scared everyone’s guts.
And the old lady Bai, even though he was like everyone else now, with his head down, but his eyes still couldn’t help meowing towards Lin Fan on the high platform.
For some reason, he felt more and more at this moment that the back of Grand Master Lin was so familiar.
Even the previous voice is familiar to the extreme.
Looks like Lin Fan?
“Will it be Lin Fan? If it is really him, then my Bai family, could it be that I have been looking for death by myself? But I don’t know it?”
The cold sweat of the horrible lala, flowing from the forehead of the old man.
The ominous premonition made him almost scared to pee.

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