Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 610

The atmosphere of the gymnasium at this moment is extremely strange.
The two masters and disciples of the Blood Buddha on the high platform kneeled to Lin Fan on one knee.
And Leng Aotian, Helan Mountain, and all the Jiangnan gangsters in the stands were all hanging their heads down toward Lin Fan.
No one dared to look up at Lin Fan.
It seems that Lin Fan is like the master of this stadium, making everyone’s heart mixed, fearful and respectful.
Lin Fan didn’t care about all this.
He lifted the bloody Buddha up, and then said:
“This mask is very tired to wear! Take it off!”
Hearing Lin Fan’s words, whether it was the blood wolf or the surrounding Leng Aotian and others, he was taken aback.
Could it be that the ugly face of the Blood Buddha Tu is… a mask?
But how is this possible.
The Blood Wolf was completely stunned. He had followed the Blood Buddha for many years, but he had never seen that his master was wearing a mask. This was incredible.
And something even more incredible happened.
Hearing Lin Fan’s words, the bloody Buddha bowed and promised, then put his palm on the base of his ears and gently tore it!
A thin human skin mask was torn off, revealing a brave face with extraordinary strength.
This is a middle-aged man in his 30s and 40s.
The national character face, sword eyebrows and star eyes, there is a sharp and unparalleled momentum in the eyes.
When the whole person saw it, it gave people a frightening sense of danger.
This is the true face of the blood servant.
“Is this my master?”
The corner of Blood Wolf’s mouth was filled with bitterness. He did not expect that he had been with the Blood Buddha for many years, and this was the first time he saw each other’s original face.
“Perhaps Master, he can only remove all his disguise when facing his former brother and the man in front of him!” The blood wolf finally understood.
And in his heart, he yearned for the blood prison more and more. Only by becoming a true member of the blood prison can he be considered a strong and hero.
Lin Fan didn’t know what the blood wolf thought.
He took a deep look at the Blood Servant at this moment, and then said complicatedly:
“Go home!”
Go home!
When these simple words fell in the blood servant’s ears, his body suddenly trembled, and the tears in the star pupils became richer.
His heart was surging, and he nodded fiercely:
After speaking, the blood servant smiled.
The joy of smiling is like a prodigal son who is lonely outside, finally returning to his hometown. That kind of joy, that kind of joy makes people feel sad.
Until then.
Lin Fan patted the Blood Servant on the shoulder, then turned and walked towards the stage.
See this scene.
The blood servant hurriedly asked:
“Wang! When are you going home? Brothers, I must miss you very much!” In a word, Lin Fan, who had originally wanted to leave, paused slightly.
A trace of complexity and recollection could not help appearing on his face, and he said faintly:
“Let’s take a while!”
After saying that, Lin Fan stopped staying and walked under the platform step by step.
Until then, Blood Servant, Blood Wolf, Leng Aotian, Helan Mountain, and all the Jiangshi elders in the audience, all swept back at Lin Fan’s back and bowed.
Especially when Lin Fan walked into the stands, wherever he walked to, the big Jiangnan man in that area was lowered.
And at the moment!
Old Madam Bai felt like a cat scratching in his heart, and couldn’t wait to see the real face of Grand Master Lin.
But he… dare not!
Because at this moment, everyone already knows that Grandmaster Lin is very likely to be the King of the Blood Prison.
And that kind of people, how can they be able to watch at will.

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