Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 615

Hearing this, Mrs. Bai hurriedly looked around, only to realize that Lin Fan was walking slowly from another direction.
After coming to the front, he didn’t seem to see the old lady and many other bigwigs.
He walked straight to the electric car and unchained it.
Then I rode on the electric bike again and left the parking lot leisurely.
“It turns out, it wasn’t him!”
After seeing this scene, the old lady Bai couldn’t help but let out a long sigh of relief.
It will also completely negate the relationship between Lin Fan and Grand Master Lin.
In his eyes.
Perhaps Grandmaster Lin just imagined Lin Fan’s back.
Otherwise, Lin Fan obviously should come out from this exit first.
How could he grind and chirp? Only now did he come out from the side exit. Obviously, this guy was hiding in a corner of the gymnasium, peeking at the battle.
It was not until everyone left that he sneaked out from the other exits.
“Huh! I’ll take it back!”
Old lady Bai narrowed his eyes, looking at the direction Lin Fan was leaving, with an icy cold look:
“You can continue to trouble this Lin Fan! Best, to provoke Grandmaster Leng and He Grand Master, completely abolished this kid, and pave the way for our Bai family to annex the new Bai family!”
Hearing these words, Bai Hai and his sons were immediately ecstatic, and they answered again and again.

With the end of the first battle in Jiangshi Stadium.
The result of this war almost fell through everyone’s eyes.
In the eyes of Jiangshi and everyone in the south of the Yangtze River, the victor of this war is either the bloody Buddha, or Leng Aotian or Helan Mountain.
Everyone could never dream that the hero who saved Jiangnan this time would be a newcomer—Master Lin!
Following the preaching of a big boss, almost everyone knows the terrifying power of Master Lin.
Blood wolf defeated Helan Mountain with one move and Leng Aotian with ten moves.
But such a murderous man who swept the Jiangnan martial arts world was defeated by Grandmaster Lin in a single move.
And Megatron Huaxia’s Bloody Buddha, in the hands of Grandmaster Lin, also did not hold ten punches!
All the martial arts people in Jiang City are boiling.
The people spread it by word of mouth, praising the prestige and combat power of Grand Master Lin frantically.
All of a sudden.
Grandmaster Lin has almost become the patron saint of Jiangshi and even Jiangnan.
To everyone’s astonishment, those big bosses who watched the battle never mentioned the speculation that Grandmaster Lin was the’King of the Blood Prison’.
Regarding the relationship between Master Lin and the Blood Buddha, he is also very taboo.
Everyone has a clear mind and ignores this question.
This is more than that.
Grandmaster Lin’s name, appearance, birthplace, and identity are also a mystery that haunts all Jiangnan people.
There is no answer, he is like a super mysterious existence, despite many curious people, digging hard to guess, but still unable to get the true identity of Grandmaster Lin.
However, when everyone was enthusiastic about Master Lin.
A piece of news also spread in Jiang City.
New Baishi Group will hold an opening ceremony in a week.
Only at this moment, this piece of news did not cause any waves in Jiangshi.
Almost everyone knows that Lin Fan of the New Bai Group has already offended Leng Aotian’s son, Leng Bufan, and He Jiaojiao, the granddaughter of Helan Mountain.
The collapse of the New Bai Group has become a certainty in the eyes of almost everyone.
Everyone will naturally not care about the opening ceremony of a group that is about to destroy.

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