Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 616

And when there was a lot of speculation about Grandmaster Lin outside.
Lin Fan’s life was not affected in the slightest.
In one week, the Xinbai clan will open its doors, and in these few days, it is also the busiest time for Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter.
Bai Yi is negotiating with suppliers.
As far as Lin Fan knows, the largest supplier of Xinbai Group is now provided by a material company called Tiansheng.
Now, most of the tasks Bai Yi has done are to finalize specific cooperation details and reach consensus with Tiansheng Group.
Just all this!
He has nothing to do with Lin Fan. He still buys vegetables and cooks every morning, living the life of a family cooker.
On this day, Lin Fan just finished buying vegetables from the vegetable market and wanted to go home.
He suddenly pressed the brake of the electric car, and the whole electric car stopped at the corner of the vegetable market.
“That little girl…”
Lin Fan’s eyes looked forward.
There, the vegetable market is where the vegetable waste is handled. There are pieces of vegetables that have been thrown away and almost destroyed.
And a little girl in tattered clothes is stepping on a pair of cloth shoes with holes, walking among the many vegetable wastes, and constantly picking out a little better vegetable leaves.
Little girl, she looks only five or six years old.
Her hair is withered and yellow, and her whole body is as thin as wood.
Especially her clothes, with patch after patch sewn on it, her thin body, carrying a huge vegetable basket on her back, containing densely packed vegetables that are about to rot.
It seems distressing to the extreme.
“It turned out to be her!”
Lin Fan knew this little girl. She was almost knocked down by a car in the North District. Shen Yumei rescued her.
After that, the little girl accompanied Lin Fan to defeat the bully Iron-faced Gray Wolf in the North District.
Later, after Lin Fan defeated King Kong, after buying vegetables, he also met this little girl and her blind mother-in-law.
“She seems to be called Xun’er!”
Lin Fan frowned, and immediately stopped the electric car, and then walked towards the garbage dump.
As soon as I walked into the garbage dump, there was a pungent rotting stench.
But it is the unpleasant smell of many vegetables after they rot.
Lin Fan couldn’t help shouting just as he walked to the little girl.
Lin Fan suddenly saw that after hearing the shout, Xun’er’s thin and delicate body trembled fiercely.
Then she seemed to be the master of the voice, and that little head drooped instantly.
“First… Sir, you have admitted the wrong person! I… I am not named Kaoru…”
Xun’er looked like a frightened little rabbit. She didn’t even dare to even look at Lin Fan, so she wanted to run to the side of the garbage dump with Nuoda’s vegetable basket on her back.
And this scene made Lin Fan frown.
He naturally heard the panic in Xun’er’s voice. Now Lin Fan hurried forward, grabbing Xun’er’s little hand, and then said:
“Xun’er, you clearly recognized me, why are you hiding from your big brother? ”
Lin Fan remembered clearly.
Every time Xun’er calls her eldest brother, that kind of intimacy and sweetness, like a little angel.
But now.
At this moment, after hearing these words from Lin Fan, Xun’er’s small body trembled fiercely again.
With her back to Lin Fan, she never dared to turn around.

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