Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 618

North District!
In the slums, here and the bustling Jiangshi city are like two worlds.
Pieces of unfinished buildings, muddy roads.
The garbage bags on the side of the road are constantly flying under the breeze, and the air exudes a suffocating smell.
And at the moment.
A thin figure, carrying a basket full of vegetable leaves, staggered along the mud road.
While walking, tears still couldn’t stop falling from Xun’er’s eyes.
If it weren’t for the scars on her face, too ugly, she would want to recognize the big brother, look at him, and say thank you.
That man saved his life and gave himself and his mother-in-law money and vegetables.
He is the most grateful benefactor Xun’er has in her life.
Wiping the tears on her ugly little face, Xun’er strenuously carried the vegetable basket and walked towards a dilapidated courtyard.
Just when Xun’er turned the corner, she suddenly saw that two cars had already been parked in front of the door of the broken yard in front.
Not only that.
An old lady who was blind was thrown out of this shabby yard.
Xun’er’s complexion changed drastically after seeing the miserable scene of this blind mother-in-law who was planted in the mud.
She quickly put down the heavy vegetable basket, and ran up quickly.
“Mother-in-law, are you okay? Are those bad guys here again? How can they drive you out?”
Xun’er’s ugly face was filled with a strong atmosphere and anxiety.
Especially, when she saw that the blind mother’s forehead was already bleeding, she was even more frightened.
But at this moment.
From this dilapidated courtyard, five or six men and women rushed out.
They seemed to have heard Xun’er’s words, and a young villain headed by him suddenly became extremely angry: “Ma! You little beggar, who do you say is the villain?” The young villain stared at Xun’er, that kind of viciousness. Xun’er’s small body trembled fiercely with the look in his eyes.
However, she still plucked up the courage and yelled at the evil young man:
“I…I said you are bad guys! You are the grandson of the mother-in-law, and you are both the granddaughter and nephew of the mother-in-law! Her real family, you How can you treat your mother-in-law like this! Is your conscience eaten by a dog?”
Kaoru’s voice was full of anger.
That’s right!
These few people in front of them are the real family members of the blind woman.
And Xun’er is just a little beggar adopted by the blind mother.
But what makes it difficult for Xun’er to accept is that the mother-in-law’s family members are like bandits. Not only did they threw out such an old man, but even knocked the old man’s head dripping with blood. It was a group of beasts.
“Yeah! Little beggar, what do you think you are? You are just a stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčadopted by my grandmother!” The evil young man said with a brutal face:
“It seems that Lao Tzu still draws lightly on your face. That’s it! I let you go, but you didn’t listen!”
“Okay! As I said, if you don’t leave this blind old lady for a day, I will scratch your face with a scar every day!!!”
When these words came out, Xun’er’s delicate body trembled fiercely again.
A trace of fear surfaced on her little scarred face.
And after hearing this.
The blind mother suddenly burst into tears:
“A beast! You can’t do this to Xun’er! You have disfigured the child’s face. Are you still a human? You are a beast!”

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