Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 617

However, Lin Fan saw that crystal tears were continuously falling from Xun’er’s eye sockets, falling to the ground and shattering.
This scene gave Lin Fan a bad premonition:
“Xun’er! What happened to you? Turn around and let the eldest brother take a look!”
Lin Fan finished speaking, and now both hands hold Xun’er small. Turn his shoulders slightly.
When Xun’er’s pretty face was facing Lin Fan straight face.
Lin Fan only felt his head stunned, and could hardly believe his eyes.
That’s right!
Xun’er originally looked like an angel’s handsome face, this time it was densely packed with scars.
These scars, bloodshot, seem to have just crusted.
Vertically and horizontally densely, Xun’er’s little pretty face that originally belonged to an angel was shattered.
It looks ugly.
Lin Fan could see at a glance, these scars were all stab wounds.
He simply couldn’t imagine who was so cruel, disfigured a five or six-year-old girl.
“Big… big brother! Please, don’t look at Xun’er! Xun’er is ugly, Xun’er… No, I don’t want to scare you!”
Xun’er was facing Lin Fan at this moment.
Her small hands hurriedly covered her ugly face with the scars of her sword, and she squatted on the ground, with puffy teardrops constantly falling from between her fingers.
“Big…Big brother! Go! Xun’er is fine, Xun’er is really fine, after the scar on Xun’er’s face is healed, Xun’er will visit you again, okay?”
The little girl’s voice was almost pleading.
After hearing Lin Fan’s voice, she knew immediately that it was the big brother who appeared in her life like a god.
However, she did not dare to recognize each other, nor did she want to recognize each other.
She owes too much to her elder brother.
She didn’t want her ugly face to scare him.
Looking at Xun’er, who was already crying on the ground, Lin Fan’s heart seemed to be struck by a knife, making his breathing somewhat stagnant.
He knew that in this short period of time, something terrible must have happened to Kaoru’s body.
Thought of this.
Lin Fan couldn’t help but took a deep look at Xun’er before saying:
“Okay! Big brother promises you! Since you don’t want to see your big brother, then I…leave first!”
Lin Fan patted Xun’er on the thin shoulder, then turned and left.
Xun’er squatted on the ground, her small head drooping, and her hands pressed hard to cover her cheeks.
Until she heard the sound of the electric car leaving.
Her crying stopped slowly.
She raised her head and looked at Lin Fan leaving on an electric bike. A trace of guilt appeared in Xun’er’s eyes:
“Big Brother! Sorry, Xun’er didn’t want to see you or recognize you. It’s just that the current Xun’er…too ugly!”
“Xun’er is afraid, I scare you!”
Kaoru couldn’t help wiping the tears from the scars on her face, and then once again struggling to pick up the basket full of rotten vegetable leaves, and then staggered towards the North District.
However, she did not find out.
A figure slowly followed behind her.
It was… Lin Fan.

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