Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 620

The dagger was only an inch close before her cheek.
But this inch, it seems like a moat, it is difficult to move forward the slightest.
Because of that sharp dagger, it was firmly grasped by a big hand.
Not only Xun’er was stunned.
Even the evil young man was slightly startled, and he realized that at some point in front of him, there was an extra young man.
The dagger he stabbed was actually caught by this young man , this…
“Boy, who are you?” The evil young man’s pupils shrank slightly, but he clearly saw that the young man’s palm was grasped. It is the blade of a dagger.
However, such a sharp blade did not cut through the palm of this young man.
It seemed that the palm of this young man was like steel and iron bones, which made the evil young man unable to believe his eyes.
“Big…Big brother!”
After seeing Lin Fan, Xun’er was equally shocked.
She never thought that this big brother would appear here, especially when she was most dangerous again, as if she appeared like a god.
Looking at the scars on Xun’er’s little face bag, Lin Fan’s complexion almost dripped water.
He finally understood the origin of these scars.
It is the evil young man in front of him.
“Xun’er! You should have told your elder brother!”
Lin Fan looked at Xun’er with a bit of blame.
And heard this.
Xun’er’s eye sockets instantly turned red, and she couldn’t help lowering her little head in shame, and tears fell from her eye sockets:
“Yes… I’m sorry, big brother! Xun’er doesn’t want to cause trouble for you!” The little girl’s heart was full of endless guilt.
She already owed Lin Fan too much.
She didn’t want to cause trouble or danger to Lin Fan anymore.
And at the moment!
After hearing Lin Fan and Kaoru children even recognize his face villains that were young, suddenly flashed a deep sense of grim:
“Well I did not think that this dead girl, actually also brought help!!”
Having !
The wicked young man stared at Lin Fan fiercely, flashing fiercely:
“Boy, I advise you not to be nosy! This is our family affair, and it has nothing to do with you! If you are not acquainted, don’t blame us for being polite!!!”
Following this sentence of the evil young man.
The young men and women in the back also took out a bright dagger from their pockets and stared at Lin Fan with unkind faces.
The young evil man and the others saw that Lin Fan’s delicate little face was calm, as if an abyss, making it impossible to see his emotions.
“Are you mother-in-law’s family?” Lin Fan asked indifferently.
“Yes!” The evil young man said without concealing the slightest,
“She is my grandmother! And this dead girl is just a stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčadopted by my grandmother!”
“What? My grandmother’s matter? , Neither you nor this dead girl have the right to be in charge !” The evil young man’s words were extremely arrogant.
In his eyes, it seemed that even if he killed the blind mother-in-law, he had nothing to do with other people.
And heard this.
Lin Fan didn’t refute, but looked at the scar on Xun’er’s face, and then continued coldly asking,
“What about the scar on her face?”
The evil young man was taken aback, then the corner of his mouth grinned, and his face fiercely said:
“So what do I do! This dead girl eats my grandma and drinks my grandma! I scratched her face with a few scars. You shit!”
“Boy, I advise you to get out of here!”

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