Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 621

Evil young man’s palm!
Suddenly, several young men and women with fierce faces next to them also took daggers and surrounded them.
Lin Fan seemed to ignore these people.
He looked at the densely spreading knife marks on Xun’er’s face, and said sharply:
“A total of sixteen scars!”
“You scratched sixteen scars on a little girl’s face! If so, then Don’t ask for your face! ”
Lin Fan’s words stunned the young evil man.
However, he hadn’t waited until he realized what it meant.
He just felt that his palm was suddenly empty.
Only then did he realize that the dagger in his hand had been snatched by Lin Fan.
It’s more than that!
Lin Fan’s feet rose and fell, and then viciously kicked the evil young man to the ground.
Just when the evil young man was about to struggle to get up.
Lin Fan threw a punch.
He smashed the evil man’s face fiercely, and immediately stunned the evil man’s head, and fell to the ground fiercely.
This scene greatly changed the complexions of the surrounding young men and women.
However, just when they were about to step forward to stop them, a scene that made them feel embarrassed appeared.
“Xun’er, close your eyes!”
Lin Fan’s indifferent voice came.
When she heard this, Xun’er was taken aback. Although she didn’t know what her elder brother was going to do, she obediently closed her eyes quickly.
Just as Xun’er’s eyes were closed, a dull voice suddenly came.
The several ferocious men and women around were all dumbfounded.
They clearly saw that the dagger in Lin Fan’s hand had pierced the evil young man’s cheek.
“Ahhhhh! My face!!!” The evil young man suddenly screamed out of pain with a sharp spirit all over his body.
He could clearly sense that Lin Fan had completely pierced the sharp edge of the dagger into the skin of his face.
The majestic pain made him tremble all over.
The evil young man wanted to struggle, but he was surprised to find that Lin Fan’s big hands were like iron tongs, pressing his head against the ground so hard that he couldn’t move the slightest.
But there is more to it!
The evil young man could hear a clear tearing sound.
He suddenly felt that the dagger was placed on his cheek and swiped suddenly.
Scarlet blood flowed down from the face of the evil man in an instant.
The men and women around were surprised to find that Lin Fan used a dagger to swipe up and down the face of the evil man.
Then he grabbed a facial skin with five fingers.
Then he yanked hard!
The face of the evil young man was actually torn apart by Lin Fansheng.
At this moment, the young men and women around were completely shocked.
They looked at the palm-sized face in Lin Fan’s hand, and then at the face of the evil young man disappeared without a trace, leaving only the scarlet face and the white face.
Several people around seemed to have seen a ghost, one by one was frightened and retreated.
“Face! Feng… Brother Feng, your face…”
“Ma’s! This man is a madman, he, he actually tore off Brother Feng’s face!”
“Mom! I was scared to death, lunatic , The devil!”

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