Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 624

Young Master Gao’s eyes stared straight at Lin Fan.
Especially, after seeing Lin Fan’s face in one hand, his pupils couldn’t help but shrink slightly:
“Boy, what’s your name?” At this moment, he became interested in Lin Fan.
After all, it is extremely rare for Jiangshi to cut off the face of a person, but who is so calm.
“Lin Fan!” Lin Fan looked at Gao Shengyuan indifferently, his voice extremely indifferent.
Lin Fan?
However, after hearing the name, Gao Shengyuan was taken aback for a moment, and then said incredulously:
“Could you be the president of the New Bai Group, Bai Yi’s rubbish husband?”
New Baishi!
Hearing this, the evil young man and the others next to him, their eyes condensed slightly.
After all, although the new Baishi has not officially opened yet, its popularity is extremely loud, and they have naturally heard of it.
And Lin Fan’s name is equally thunderous.
“Hahaha… it really is you!”
After seeing Lin Fan’s default, Gao Shengyuan couldn’t help but smiled heartily, and said:
“Lin Fan, we are a family! Your largest material supplier of New Bai’s is our Tiansheng Group ! ”
” so, so forget it! you go, then …… they die !!! ”
you go, they …… dead!
Gao Shengyuan’s words conveyed a deep sense of gravity.
He turned to look at the blind woman and Xun’er, with chills in his eyes:
“Lin Fan, I’m not afraid to tell you, because your new Bai family is an important partner of our group, so this time, your recklessness, as the young master of Tiansheng Group, can forgive me!”
“But this old and young, But it doesn’t work! The two of them have already delayed my half-month construction period! So, I have to spend my life to compensate for my loss!”
Gao Shengyuan’s words made everyone around them look very different.
Especially the evil young man and others.
There was a deep disappointment and anger in the eyes.
After all, Lin Fan’s methods were too harsh, and they naturally wanted revenge, but since Gao Shengyuan had said it, he obviously didn’t want to offend the important partner of the New Bai Group.
But now, all the hatred and anger of the evil young man and others can only be vented on the blind mother and Xun’er.
“Boy, did you hear that? You are lucky today!”
“Get out of here! You tore my face, I count on this old immortal and dead girl!” The evil young man is full of heart. Not reconciled, but I can only say with anger.
Not only them!
At this moment, the faces of the blind mother and Xun’er were pale.
They knew that as Gao Shengyuan came personally, the two of them would end up miserably, so they didn’t want to hurt Lin Fan again.
“Big brother, go away! This matter has nothing to do with you, Xun’er please, don’t worry about it!” Xun’er’s eyes were red.
She is over.
But because of this, she felt even more guilty towards Lin Fan.
“Big brother, for your life-saving grace, Xun’er will repay her by setting up a grass ring in the next life!”
Xun’er had already been in tears.
And aside.
Blind mother is also the face of the sad, bitter against Lin Fan said:
“Young man, I am an old woman, but thank you, now please leave it if there is an afterlife, and I smoked child will repay you!!!”
Then, blind The mother-in-law held Xun’er in her arms.
The old and the young have cried into tears.
And see this scene!
Whether it is Gao Shengyuan or the evil young man and others, it has long been expected, Lin Fan will definitely leave.

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