Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 623

“This is true qi, it can help you relieve the pain in your face!”
Lin Fan’s eyes showed deep pity.
He couldn’t imagine that a five or six-year-old girl would have to bear the horror of scars and pain on her cheeks.
This is definitely more uncomfortable than killing Kaoru.
And at this moment.
The words of the evil young man and several men and women nearby came again.
“Little beast, you have cut off Lao Tzu’s face, you have a kind of don’t go! Master Gao will be here soon, and you will be better off dead at that time!”
“Asshole, wait! This matter belongs to Master Gao. If you block it, you are offending Young Master Gao, and he will definitely not let you go!”
In the mouths of these people, the Young Master Gao seemed to be a big and powerful man.
It seems that as long as the opponent appears, then Lin Fan’s end must be extremely miserable.
And just after the words of a few people fell.
Suddenly, the hum of an engine resounded from the front.
Then everyone saw that a green convertible sports car, with billowing smoke and dust, quickly came from the front.
This is more than that.
Behind this sports car, followed by Toyota overbearing.
There are as many as ten cars.
Soon, when these cars came to the front, they made rapid braking sounds and stopped.
“Ma! Which bastard is it that dares to ruin my good deeds of Gao Shengyuan?”
“Is this broken yard so hard to chew?” A gloomy voice came from the sports car.
I saw the car door opened.
Then came down from above, a young man in a floral shirt wearing sunglasses, and a hot sexy girl.
Not only them!
From the Toyota overbearing behind, the same doors opened, and then one by one the strong men hulled out and got out of the car.
In each car, three or four strong men walked down.
They held clubs, and in the blink of an eye, there were a total of thirty or forty people, followed behind the young Ku Shao, and came to this place.
This scene made the evil man and the others ecstatic.
“Master Gao, here! This is the bastard!”
Hearing this!
Young Master Gao only saw the evil young man, and when he saw the bloody cheeks of the evil young man, he was shocked.
“Wocao! Fengzi, what’s the matter with your face?”
Although Young Master Gao was horrified, he didn’t have the slightest fear, but was full of excitement.
It seemed to be the first time I discovered that a person’s face could tear the skin off.
“Master Gao, we met a madman, he…he tore my face off!”
“Please help me avenge me, I will break the bastard’s limbs, and also have his face live. Peel it off!”
The words of the evil young man were extremely harsh.
And after hearing this.
The young master Gao’s eyes turned, and only then did he lock onto Lin Fan, Xun’er and the blind woman.
“It’s you guys! Stop me from buying this dilapidated yard again and again?” There was a deep chill in Young Master Gao’s eyes.
His real estate company took over a big project.
However, almost all the surrounding courtyards were acquired, but only the courtyard of the blind woman in front of him was repeatedly blocked.
This made him lose his patience a long time ago, and was full of anger.

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