Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 628

At this moment, Gao Shengyuan was in an unprecedented panic. After all, he was in front of Master Dao and the others. If the other party wanted to kill him, he could only lie down and walk out.
Just heard this!
Lin Fan smiled.
“Really, what conditions do you agree to?” Hmm
Hearing Lin Fanjian’s words, Gao Shengyuan’s eyes lit up, knowing that his opportunity was here, and he quickly said flatly, “Lin…Mr. Lin, don’t hesitate to say, whether it is money or beauty! I am Gao Shengyuan absolutely Will do it for you!”
Gao Shengyuan knows current affairs very well.
For him, the most important thing is to leave this place of right and wrong first.
As long as he can pass the blunder, it is not too late to find a way to deal with Lin Fan.
And see this scene!
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Actually, my conditions are very simple!” In a word, Gao Shengyuan and everyone around him all mentioned his throat.
The evil young man and others next to them were also full of anticipation. They had been scared to pee by Dao Ye and others. They couldn’t wait to wait for Gao Shengyuan to satisfy Lin Fan, so they waited quickly to leave.
Just the next sentence made everyone’s heart sink completely;
“That is, interrupt all of your hands and feet!”
Lin Fan’s words made everyone’s expressions change drastically.
Everyone’s legs and feet break!
You know, there are only thirty or forty people brought by Gao Shengyuan here, plus Gao Shengyuan, the evil youth and others.
how can that be!
Gao Shengyuan immediately thought that Lin Fan was joking:
“Lin…Mr. Lin, shall we not make a joke? After all, we and your Xinbai clan are partners, please give me some face!”
Gao Shengyuan’s words just uttered, making it difficult for him A scene of confidence appeared.
Master Dao didn’t violate Lin Fan’s words in the slightest.
With a wave at the moment!
The hundreds of brawny men in white, like evil tigers, rushed towards Gao Shengyuan and others frantically.
“No!” “Ah ah ah!”
Road screams in this one area after another, resounded up.
Gao Shengyuan saw with amazement that the group of people brought by Master Dao looked like a tiger entering a flock. Under the swing of the club, the sound of his legs and feet continued to crack.
“Really? This… this guy is actually playing for real?”
Gao Shengyuan was completely shocked.
You know, he has brought thirty or forty subordinates. If these people’s legs, feet and hands were interrupted, this would definitely be a sensational event in Jiang City.
Lin Fan’s words seemed like iron orders.
Whether it was Master Dao, or every Master Dao’s subordinate, there was no breach at all.
Crazy siege!
The dense sound of bone fractures resounded endlessly!
Gao Shengyuan could only look at the men around him, fewer and fewer.
Until Sanggou discounted all his remaining legs.
A group of brawny men in white, like evil tigers, rushed towards him madly!
Gao Shengyuan let out a miserable howl, and his whole person was completely overwhelmed by the big white men.
The battle was brutal and bloody.
For all this, Lin Fan didn’t care at all.
At this moment, he and Master Dao, with Xun’er and the blind mother-in-law, walked to a quiet place nearby.
Listen to the screams one after another.
The blind mother’s face was as pale as paper.

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