Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 63

Bai Yi and Lin Fan left.
But above the main hall of the Bai family, the atmosphere was depressing and dull.
The eldest Baihai and his family were all expelled from the family, and the second Shirakawa and his family were all imprisoned.
All the Bai family members never thought that this would end.
“Bai Hao, mobilize all contacts and check it out for me!”
The old lady Bai looked at the empty doorway and was startled and angry:
“How did Cha Linfan get out of prison? How did the Huang family get knocked down?”
Lin Fan seized the gun and attacked. Police, but nothing happened.
And the big family of the Huang family has been confiscated, which is simply unbelievable.
Heard this.
Immediately, a senior member of the Bai family started to make a phone call.
After a while, Bai Hao said to the old man:
“Old man, I have all inquired clearly, these things really have nothing to do with Lin Fan! The Huang family was arrested entirely because Zhong Bin’s corruption and wronging of the law and the exposure of his money and death happened, and It is said that he has offended a mysterious boss in the province!”
“That mysterious boss spoke, Provincial No.1 Liu Zhen, who personally ordered the investigation of the Huang family.”
Offended the mysterious boss in the province?
Hearing this news, the old lady was shocked, and there was a stunned look on her face:
“It’s no wonder that the Huang family collapsed overnight, which makes sense .” “It’s just that the mysterious boss, what is his identity? Command Number One and investigate it personally. This is simply unimaginable!” The old lady sighed.
After all, the Huang family is a family equal to the Bai family, and an overnight investigation made him jealous and panic.
Especially the mysterious boss, who can command Liu Zhen.
This shows the horror of the other party’s identity.
“Heralds go recently, all members of our White House, not to stir up trouble, or if not opening the eyes, who provoke the province of mysterious big brother, for fear that we will put an end to the White House!”
White face of the dignified old man.
Bai Hao, who was on the side, quickly nodded and agreed, and then hesitated for a while, then asked:
“Old lady, what about Lin Fan, how to deal with this waste? This kid forced the uncle away and arrested the second master.”
Lin Fan?
Hearing this name, old lady Bai was so angry that his beard was erected, and his face was disgusted and said:
“It’s okay, let him jump for a few days.”
“When the resurrection pill is successfully developed, I will let this waste know who is it. The master of this house!”
Old Madam Bai’s voice was icy.
Bai Hao and others on the side could not help but nod their heads. They could see that the old lady Bai was really angry.
When the resurrection pill is successfully developed, I am afraid that it will be the son-in-law who comes to the door, and the good days are completely over.
If they knew that the trash in their mouths, it was the mysterious boss who commanded Liu Zhen to investigate the Huang family and made them all horrified and fearful. I wonder if these people will cry.

And at the same time.
Lin Fan was driving the Mercedes Benz car towards the Liyuan Garden, slowly driving away.
Beside, Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter were still immersed in the shock before.
Shirakawa was captured and Baihai was expelled.
Without spending a point, he obtained all the properties of the Huang Group.
This is definitely something that their father and daughter could not even dream of.
“Lin Fan, tell me, does this matter really have nothing to do with you?” Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan seriously.
Her instinct told her that this matter must have nothing to do with Lin Fan.
Not only her.
The father-in-law Baishan on the back seat also looked directly at his son-in-law, and he also felt that his son-in-law seemed to become more and more mysterious.
Seeing the looks of the two, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smile:
“Wife, this matter really has nothing to do with me. After all, I am just talking about it.” Lin Fan did not lie.
He really just moved his lips.
However, when his lips twitched, he was afraid that the entire Jiangnan Province would collapse.
Bai Yi obviously believed in Lin Fan, and couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief, with a smile on his face:
“It seems that this time, we are lucky. But next time you don’t be so reckless! ”
Bai Yi looked at Lin Fan, full of tenderness.
Just at this moment.
When Benz came to the door of the house, the voice of his father-in-law Baishan trembled:
“Bai Yi, I…Did we go wrong?”
Bai Yi was taken aback for a moment, and then hurriedly looked out of the car, but from this look, he was also dumbfounded, almost unable to believe his eyes.

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