Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 631

“Yeah! Gao Shengyuan himself didn’t say who interrupted his hands and feet! Obviously, the murderer is definitely not an ordinary person. Lin Fan, don’t make a joke!”
Many senior leaders of the new Bai clan burst into laughter. .
They know it.
The husband of this president is notoriously trash.
Everyday he only knows about washing and cooking. If he interrupted the hands and feet of thirty or forty people including Gao Shengyuan, they would definitely not believe it even if he killed them.
What surprised many senior executives was.
After hearing Lin Fan’s words, the expressions of Bai Yi and Baishan’s father and daughter changed suddenly.
They stared at Lin Fan one by one, and said with a trembling voice:
“Lin…Lin Fan, really did you do it?”
Bai Yi’s face was pale as paper, as if the sky had fallen, and his whole body was almost dizzy.
Baishan also had a tingling scalp.
He had seen with his own eyes, his son-in-law, abolished the murderous scene of more than 20 people. At this moment, I naturally believe:
“Xiao Fan, this kind of thing is not a joke? You said, is it you?”
Looking at the appearance of Bai Yi and Bai Shan.
The other senior officials of the New Bai Group were all confused.
The president and chairman actually believed Lin Fan’s words?
how can that be!
Do they really think that Lin Fan has the ability to interrupt Gao Shengyuan and others’ legs and feet?
At the moment, all the high-levels want to persuade.
But their words have not yet been exported.
Lin Fan bit his head and nodded:
“Yes! Although it was not interrupted by me personally, it is indeed related to me!”
In a word, Bai Yi and Baishan father and daughter looked pale as paper.
That’s it!
Completely finished!
Tiansheng Group is their largest supplier. Once it loses this partner, Xinbaishi will be as frosty as it has just opened.
See Bai Yi’s complexion.
The high-level next to him quickly said:
“President, are you… okay? Maybe Lin Fan is just joking? Don’t take it to heart!”
Hear this!
Bai Yi waved his hand and looked at Lin Fan with disappointment:
“Lin Fan, you… let me down too much! Do you know what the situation is with our Xin Bai family now? You know because you interrupted Leng Bufan Legs, how difficult is it for us to find a partner like Tiansheng Group?”
“And now…” That’s it!
Bai Yi was already a little choked, her beautiful eyes were red, and her grievances broke out completely:
“Why! Why can’t you help, but you keep dragging me back!!!”
Bai Yi ran into the office while crying.
Almost everyone can hear the frustrated crying from the office.
At this moment, after seeing this scene, the surrounding executives finally believed a little.
Especially when they thought that it was Lin Fan who broke Gao Shengyuan’s leg, everyone’s expressions were hard to see the extreme.
“Lin…Lin Fan! How can you do this! Do you know that President Bai has been preparing materials for three days and three nights in order to negotiate cooperation with Tiansheng Group, without closing his eyes! You are like a broom star! ” ”
Yes ah, finished! we opened a few days going! no Tiansheng Group this material suppliers, so our new Pak will be stalled, open industry ass! ” ”
…… ”
a high-rise , Facing Lin Fan constantly accusing.
In a blink of an eye, everyone glared at Lin Fan, disappointed and disgusted, and then left with all anger.

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