Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 634

right now?
Lin Fan severely swallowed a mouthful of spittle, then looked at the white lips of Iraq, this bite the bullet and said:
“Wife, or you …… mouth?”
Hearing this, Bai Yi was dumbfounded.
She then recalled some of the knowledge that her girlfriend had popularized with herself.
The moment made her even more shy and unbearable.
And just when Lin Fan thought that Bai Yi would reject him, a scene that made him stunned appeared.
Bai Yi nodded shyly, with a voice like a mosquito and said:
“Lin Fan, I… my first time, I can only practice!”
In a word, every cell in Lin Fan’s body trembled with excitement.
He watched, Bai Yi’s blurred eyes, while looking at himself, slowly squatted down!
At this moment, the atmosphere in the office is full of enchanting air.

Time, slowly passing by.
After the news that Gao Shengyuan and others had been deposed, the speculation about Grandmaster Lin gradually dissipated.
Especially, with the opening of the new Baishi Group, it is getting closer and closer.
Everyone’s attention began to gradually shift to the new Baishi Group.
Almost all people in Jiangshi want to know what news will break out when the new Baishi Group opens.
after all!
Almost everyone is rumoring that Lin Fan abolished Leng Bufan, and even broke He Jiaojiao’s leg.
In the eyes of everyone, for the two great masters of Leng Aotian and Helanshan, this is absolutely a shameful thing.
It is impossible to give up like this!
Today, it has reached the day when the new Baishi Group opened.
The Blue Ocean Building has been re-decorated, with banners hanging above the building.
The layout here is very grand and grand.
Bai Yi, Baishan, Lin Fan, and all the new generations of senior executives from the New Bai Group have already arrived here early.
As time went by, something embarrassing happened to everyone.
Not a single guest, come to congratulate!
Whether it is those groups that have already negotiated cooperation, or companies that are ready to cooperate with Xinbaishi.
No one was there.
“President, what should we do now? It seems that our opening this time has been completely messed up!” A senior executive with a dissatisfaction approached Bai Yi.
While talking, his gaze swept towards Lin Fan, and said angrily:
“All of this must be because of him! He interrupted Gao Shengyuan’s leg. I heard that he also abolished Leng Bufan! We Xin Bai It has offended such a terrible enemy before it even opened the business. Isn’t this looking for death?”
At this moment, it is not just this high-level person.
The rest of the senior executives also looked gloomy and said one after another:
“I feel Mr. Zhang is right! President, your husband is really too much! He made such a mess and put all our efforts this month into practice. The water is flowing!”
“Yes, now our New Baishi Group has just opened, and we have encountered Waterloo, then what will we do in the future? I am afraid that Jiangshi, there is no company, dare to cooperate with us!”
Dissatisfied voices from many high-level executives come one after another.
And hear these words.
Bai Yi’s pretty face is slightly ugly.
She scanned everyone present, and then said in a deep voice:
“Okay! Needless to say, for what Lin Fan did before, after I confirmed the reason, I…agree!”

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