Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 635

Bai Yi’s statement made the dissatisfied high-level people around him completely dumbfounded.
Each one looked at each other.
They remember that just a few days ago, the president was furious with Lin Fan about this matter.
Especially that kind of fierce emotion, I can’t wait to draw a clear line with Lin Fan and divorce directly.
And now…
this attitude is an earth-shaking change.
Seeing Bai Yi’s resolute appearance, the many high-levels around, no matter how much dissatisfaction he felt, they could only swallow into his stomach.
And see this scene!
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Don’t worry, everyone! I can assure you that not only will it be very lively today, but our New Bai Group will have a good start, and this red will surely dominate the city!”
Lin Fan’s words are arrogant and arrogant!
It just fell in the ears of all the high-levels, causing everyone to be in an uproar.
One after another, the look at Lin Fan was as if he was looking at a madman.
“Oh my God, does this guy know what he’s talking about? It’s almost ten o’clock now, there is no one! He actually said that we will have a good start?”
“Yeah, it’s not ashamed! He even said, this red, Dominate Bajiang City! Isn’t this a joke?”
“Crazy man! This guy brags to find the wrong time, find the wrong place!”
Many high-level officials talked.
And almost everyone looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.
Not only everyone.
Even Baishan and Baiyi’s father and daughter were speechless for a while.
“Lin Fan, don’t talk anymore!”
Bai Yi only felt a hot spot on his face.
Now, they were already extremely embarrassed, and Lin Fan’s bragging was more like hitting himself in the face, making Bai Yi angry and angry.
Lin Fan didn’t seem to notice anything . He smiled and said to Bai Yi: “My wife, don’t worry, I will give you a big gift today!” A big gift?
The corners of Bai Yi’s mouth were full of bitterness.
She really wanted to know when her husband would get rid of this bragging habit.
When the word’husband’ emerged in Bai Yi’s mind, she was shocked.
She didn’t expect that she would completely treat Lin Fan as her husband without knowing it.
“Is it after that time from the office?”
Bai Yi thought for a while, only to realize that after that day from the office, she seemed to have accepted Lin Fan completely.
He has completely regarded him as the husband of his life.
When thinking of a few words in the office, Bai Yi’s pretty face blushed again.
She can’t forget how she bit Lin Fan so loudly.
Thinking of this, Bai Yi was completely amused by himself.
And at the moment!
The people around were dumbfounded.
They saw their glamorous beauty president as if they were indulged in their own fantasy.
The pretty face flushed for a while, and then amused herself again.
“Oh! It’s over, our president has been drugged by that kid!”
“Yeah! This is exactly the performance of a young woman in love! I didn’t expect that it would appear on our president!”
“Oh ! ! I really don’t understand, what charm that guy has, he actually fascinated our president like this!”
At this moment, the many high-level executives around, looking at Lin Fan one by one, were full of jealousy and weirdness.
The look was as if looking at cow dung stuck in a flower.

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