Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 636

But at this moment!
But I heard footsteps coming from outside the building.
Then I heard the welcoming voice resounding:
“Tiansheng Group Chairman-Gao Zhilong, bring Gao Shengyuan, here!”
After hearing the words Tiansheng Group.
The atmosphere in the hall suddenly became serious.
They knew that within the last few days, the relationship between the Xin Bai family and the Tiansheng Group had reached a level of dire straits, especially when Lin Fan abolished Gao Shengyuan, which completely broke the relationship between the two parties.
And now, if the other party personally comes to the door, it must be a bad person.
Huh huh!
Everyone in the Xinbai clan stared at the door.
And just under their gaze, they saw a middle-aged man with a national character face, pushing a wheelchair, followed by a group of men in suits and leather shoes, stepping in.
On the wheelchair, it was Gao Shengyuan.
“Heh! It’s so lively, there isn’t even a ghost!”
Gao Shengyuan, who was in the wheelchair, glanced at the people in the hall just now.
When he confirmed that there was no outsider in the hall except the people of the New Bai Group, the smile on Gao Shengyuan’s face became more and more playful:
“Hahaha! President Bai Yi, Lin Fan, before our father and son Come to congratulate you! “Say
Chairman Gao Zhilong, pushing his son Gao Shengyuan, has come to the front of everyone.
When I saw the father and son, and a group of senior figures from the Tiansheng Group behind him.
The senior officials of the Xinbai clan were panicking.
Quickly greeted and said:
“! High Dong Thank you for coming, for your son Lin Fan and resentment, but also look high Dong forgive me, after all, business is business relationship and hope it will not affect the cooperation between us!!”
“Yes Ah, Gao Dong, if you and your son are dissatisfied, we can ask Lin Fan to apologize to you!”
Many senior members of the New Bai Group are obviously not willing to offend Gao Zhilong and his son.
Only after hearing their words.
A thick sneer appeared on Gao Zhilong’s face:
“Apologize? Forget it, our father and son can’t afford Mr. Lin’s compensation!”
Gao Zhilong said this, his eyes turned, and he couldn’t help but look viciously at Lin Fan. .
In his eyes, there was a strong hatred and hatred:
“Mr. Lin, thank you for helping me teach Houzi! Interrupt Houzi’s hands and feet, and abolish the kindness of the thirty-six members of my Tiansheng Group! We naturally want to Good news!”
Hear Gao Zhilong’s words full of resentment.
All the senior officials of the New Baishi Group turned pale as paper.
They saw that Gao Zhilong took a contract from a secretary, and then threw it on the ground:
“This is the termination of the contract between our Tiansheng Group and your Xinbai family!”
“From then on, your Xinbai family, Don’t want to get a single cent of raw materials from us!”
Gao Zhilong said grimly.
And the words came out!
All the senior officials of the New Bai Group panicked.
Is it finished?
The cut-off of cooperation with the raw material suppliers of the own group is definitely a head-on blow for New Bai’s.
It’s just more than that.
“That’s right! Today is the day when your New Bai Group opened, and my gift from someone Gao is naturally not that simple!”
Gao Zhilong and Gao Shengyuan, father and son, looked at Lin Fan and Bai Yi with a grin.
Then, Gao Zhilong raised his hand and slapped hard!

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