Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 640

How to do?
What should we do now?
Although she knows that Lin Fan can fight, but the opponent is a great master?
Lin Fan is in the opponent’s hands, afraid that every minute will be abolished, and by then, the end will be even more miserable.
This threat is only the beginning.
He Jiaojiao, who was next to him, also smiled coldly : “Hey! It’s not just Grandpa Leng, my grandpa Helanshan has also spoken! Either you do it yourself, or his old man does it himself!”
Death threats from the two great masters.
This is just the horrible name of the two, which makes everyone in the hall embarrassed.
And now…
“Lin…Lin Fan, why don’t you listen to them! Otherwise, if the two great masters come, you might be dead!” A senior from the new Bai family persuaded Lin Fan Tao.
And beside!
The rest of the senior management also spoke up.
“Yes! Lin Fan, if you do it yourself now, then the grudges between our Xinbai family and Shengshi Group and Lanshan Group can be wiped out!”
“Yes! We can’t afford to provoke Shengshi Group and Lanshan.” Group! Lin Fan, this is your last chance!”
Many senior officials of the New Bai family spoke.
It’s just that Lin Fan didn’t seem to hear all of this.
He looked at Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao with a faint smile, and shrugged:
“Let your grandpa come!”
“I…wait for them!”
I wait for… them!
After hearing this sentence of Lin Fan.
In the entire hall, the pot was fried almost instantly.
Everyone looked at Lin Fan, as if they were looking at an idiot, a lunatic.
What does this guy mean?
Isn’t he really afraid of the two great masters Leng Aotian and Helanshan?
In particular, if the two great masters came personally, then they would have done what they said and beat Lin Fan as a vegetable, so that he would be better off dead.
Looking at Lin Fan’s calm appearance, he listened to these arrogant words.
The most exciting was Lin Guangyao and others.
“Hahaha…Lin Fan, you are awesome! You are definitely the most arrogant person I have ever seen! I took it!” Lin Guangyao sneered, looking at Lin Fan as if looking at a dead person.
And Bai Yifan and Divine Sword also sneered:
“Bai Yi, is your husband crazy? He really thinks he is the immortality of King Kong!”
“Hahaha… is he provoking the two great masters? This idiot!”
At this moment, almost all the people in the hall were extremely contemptuous of Lin Fan.
Even the father and daughter of Baishan and Baiyi are full of anxiety:
“Lin Fan, you… don’t be impulsive! If you just do it yourself, then we can contact the genius doctor Lin through the seniors to help you treat! You are completely It can be recovered!”
“Father is right! Lin Fan, why don’t we listen to them!”
In the eyes of the father and daughter.
Even if Lin Fan broke his limbs by himself, there is completely hope of recovery.
But if the two great masters shot.
Then Lin Fan will become a vegetative 100%, and the hope of his life will be completely gone.
After looking at the expressions of Bai Yi and his daughter.
Lin Fan smiled slightly:
“Dad! Wife! Don’t worry, those two old guys don’t dare to do anything to me!”
old man!
When Lin Fan said even more arrogant words, everyone in the whole hall felt their heart beat fiercely.

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