Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 641

This arrogant guy…
everyone is completely speechless.
Especially Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao.
They heard that after Lin Fan called his grandfather an’old guy’, the two of them were instantly blown into their lungs.
“Okay! Lin Fan, since you won’t give up until the Yellow River! Then I will call my grandfather now, and his old man will join me to see how you die!”
“Yes! I also call my grandfather now, I must Tell him the old man’s attitude!”
Under the horrified sight of everyone.
Leng Bufan and He Jiaojiao took out their mobile phones one after another.
Then, I started to make a video call.
When the call was connected, Bai Yifan and others behind the wheelchair saw an old man appeared in the picture.
The old man seemed to be injured in his body, but it was still difficult to hide, his sharp eyes and terrifying aura.
He is exactly Leng Aotian.
“Uncommon! How’s it going? That kid, did you do it yourself?” Leng Aotian asked lightly.
In his words, there seemed to be incomparable confidence.
It seemed that Lin Fan would definitely do it himself after hearing his own threats.
Leng Bufan bit his head and said angrily:
“Grandpa! That kid doesn’t know what is good or bad! He asked you to come in person, and even ranted that you are an old guy, so I dare not do anything to him!” What!
After hearing Leng Bufan’s words.
Bai Yifan and the others at the back immediately saw that the Leng Aotian expression in the video suddenly stagnated, and then a trace of fierce light began to flicker in his eyes.
At this moment, the atmosphere was extremely suppressed.
Everyone seemed to be able to hear the heavy breathing sounds from the video, like a fierce beast, completely irritated by this sentence.
After the silence of depression, a burst of vicissitudes of laughter resounded instantly.
“Okay! I really didn’t expect that I, Leng Aotian Hero I, lost to the master and apprentice of Blood Buddha a few days ago, not to mention! Now even a junior in a third-tier city dare to be disrespectful to me! It’s…very good ! ” ”
extraordinary! you let that guy wash his neck, waiting for the old man! Naturally, I am now go! he is not there to see King Kong is not bad! ”
discourse, reveals a demon gas.
Everyone can hear that when Leng Aotian said this, he was gritting his teeth.
Not only him!
He Jiaojiao, who was next to him, said this to the Helan Mountain in the video.
The same sound of vicissitudes of anger resounded.
“Like a dog, I dare to Helan Mountain disrespectful!”
“Good! Good! Waited, you were there waiting for me, the old lady go now to peel the skin that kid!”
When these two sounds of frightened and angry sounded, there was a beeping blind tone.
But it was a video call, and all hang up.
That’s it!
At this moment, after seeing this scene, Bai Yi in the hall suddenly felt his heart beat fiercely, and then his eyes went dark, almost fainting.
Lin Fan’s eyes were quick and his hands were quick, and he immediately hugged Bai Yi.
He saw that there was no trace of blood on Bai Yi’s complexion, and he seemed to faint at any time.
Obviously, it was too frightened.
“Dad! Help Bai Yi to go to the office to rest now! I am here!” Lin Fan said to Bai Shan quickly.
And heard this.
On Baishan’s face, a strong worry could not help appearing:
“Xiao Fan, you…are you all right by yourself? Why, let’s call the police now! The police will definitely protect you!” At this moment, Baishan felt his scalp numb. .
After all, the other party is two great masters, and even if his son-in-law goes against the sky, he is afraid that the end will still be extremely miserable.
Lin Fan shook his head faintly:
“Dad, don’t worry, I will take care of everything here!”
Baishan saw Lin Fan’s resolute attitude, and now he could only hold Bai who was almost fainting. Yi, walked towards the office upstairs.
Until after the two left.
The noise in the entire hall instantly boiled over.
Gao Shengyuan in the wheelchair looked at Lin Fan as if he was looking at a clown, and laughed wildly:
“Hahaha…Lin Fan, I really didn’t expect that the retribution would come so quickly! You broke my limbs and blinked my eyes. The two great masters will abolish you and become a vegetative! Hahaha, happy!”
Gao Shengyuan felt extremely happy.
And beside!
Gao Zhilong and a group of suppliers who have just severed their ties with the New Baishi Group are also very lucky.
Fortunately, they broke up with Xinbai’s.
Otherwise, we will all be affected by the broom star Lin Fan.
And Leng Bufan and others looked at Lin Fan, as if looking at the dead.
Lin Fan seemed to be a thorn in the eyes and a thorn in the flesh of everyone in the entire hall!

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