Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 643

“You think that this kid has a Skeleton Emperor card! But he…stolen that card!”
As soon as this is said!
Not only Gao Shengyuan and the others, their complexion changed drastically, but even the senior officials of the New Bai Group changed their colors one by one.
Skeleton King Card!
They have naturally heard of how noble that card is, and each one is held in the hands of China’s top boss.
And Lin Fan owns this card, or stole it?
This… an instant!
The senior officials of the Xinbai Group, as well as Gao Shengyuan and others, all understood why Xu Tianlong and others would come to see Lin Fan.
It turned out that they were all deceived by Lin Fan!
Thought of this.
The senior officials of the New Bai Group were almost scared to death.
And the ominous premonition that had just emerged in the hearts of Gao Shengyuan and others disappeared instantly.
at this time!
The welcoming guests outside the door actually shouted again:
“Sheng…Mr. Leng Kang, President of Shengshi Group, and all the senior leaders of Shengshi Group, here!”
After hearing the words of welcoming guests outside the door, the voice of everyone in the hall suddenly stopped.
Everyone can hardly believe their ears, cold…Lengkang?
President of Shengshi Group?
And all the directors of Shengshi Group, unexpectedly…coming!
What is even more frightening is that this Leng Kang is Leng Bufan’s father, and when he comes at this time, is it because he cannot avenge Leng Bufan?
Everyone at this moment, their expressions all changed.
Especially after they thought of Leng Bufan just now about Lin Fan stealing the Skeleton Emperor Card.
Everyone immediately recognized it.
The arrival of Leng Kang and all the directors of Shengshi was first to help his son and revenge, and secondly, he might come to Jiang City to pursue the responsibility, the matter of Emperor Card.
In the silence, everyone only felt that their hearts were speeding up wildly.
And Lin Guangyao excitedly said to Leng Bufan:
“Master Bufan, have you already told your father about Lin Fan stealing the Emperor Card?”
Heard this!
Everyone looked at Leng Bufan in unison.
That’s right!
If Leng Bufan really said this to Leng Kang.
Then Lengkang’s purpose at this moment is self-evident.
“Yes! I knew at the first time that this kid stole the Emperor’s Card, deceived Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose, and told my father about it!”
“I just didn’t expect that my father would choose this point in time. , Come here to pursue the blame! Hahaha…”
Leng Bufan smiled very happy.
Leng Kang’s arrival also unexpectedly went beyond his expectations.
However, none of this matters anymore.
At this moment, Leng Bufan looked at Xu Tianlong and the others with a sneer:
“Xu Tianlong, blood rose! Have you heard? My father is here, and you dare to support this liar! You are waiting to be dismissed and investigated! Hahaha …”
Leng Bufan smiled wildly.
And hearing this, everyone looked at Xu Tianlong and Blood Rose with a hint of pity.
That’s it!
In the eyes of everyone around, it wasn’t just Lin Fan, the broom star, who was completely finished at this moment, and even the two Jiangshi giants were also unlucky.
Just as everyone imagined the end of Lin Fan, Blood Rose and others, footsteps resounded.
Then in the sight of everyone worshiping.
A white-faced, elegant middle-aged man with a group of successful people in suits and leather shoes walked in from the entrance of the hall.
This middle-aged man is the giant chaebol of Megatron Jiangnan and the president of Shengshi Group-Leng Kang!
The father of Leng Bufan!

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