Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 644

at the same time!
Outside the door of an office on the second floor of the Blue Ocean Building.
Bai Shan just helped Bai Yi walk to the door, and Bai Yi’s pretty face suddenly turned white.
She suddenly woke up from that kind of muddle-headedness:
“Lin Fan!!!”
Bai Yi screamed, and she realized that she was not in the hall.
“Dad! I… why am I here, Lin Fan? What about others?”
Bai Yi seemed to have thought of something, and a dense cold sweat suddenly appeared on her forehead.
And see this scene.
Hakusan little relieved, and quickly said:
“! Eve, you just terrified, almost fainted, Lin Fan let me help you up, take a break”
? “How are you now”
to hear of the White Mountain words, white Yi Qiao Lian paler one point:
“dad, I’m okay now I want to find Lin Fan, I have to go find him!!”
Bai Yi broke free of Baishan’s support, and quickly ran towards the elevator.
And see this scene.
Bai Shan was taken aback, and quickly stopped her and said:
“Xiao Yi, you can’t go down! Lin Fan told him, he will take care of everything himself!”
“Also, it is estimated that Leng Aotian and Helan Mountain will be here soon. You go down too, they may transfer their anger to you too!”
Baishan’s scalp numb.
In his eyes, Lin Fan provoked the two great masters in such a way, and the tragic ending was almost doomed, even if the gods descended to the world, they would not be able to save him.
And now!
The only thing he can do is to help Lin Fan keep Bai Yi.
Bai Yi seemed to understand Baishan’s intentions, a hint of mist filled her beautiful eyes instantly:
“No! Dad, Lin Fan is my husband. He is in trouble, how can I stop!”
“Moreover, I absolutely can’t let People killed Lin Fan, if someone wants to be against him! Then they can only step on my corpse!”
The crystal clear teardrops continued to drip down Bai Yi’s beautiful eyes.
And her words made Bai Shan’s body tremble fiercely.
Bai Shan’s whole person seemed to be several years old, and said bitterly:
“Xiao Yi, do you love Lin Fan so much? You used to hate him very much!”
“Also, Lin Fan now, we can’t save him, if If you have anything else, then your mother and I will not survive!”
Baishan’s voice was filled with deep pleadings.
Even in the look, there is something unbelievable.
after all!
He knows best that the former Bai Yi hated Lin Fan very much, let alone living and dying together, and even Bai Yi had considered divorce time and time again.
And now!
Hearing Baishan’s words, Bai Yi shook his head. The tears were like broken beads, dripping continuously:
“Dad! I’m sorry! I love Lin Fan and live and die together!”
“If I too In the event of an accident, please take care of your own body, mom and you!”
Bai Yi never wasted time anymore, he quickly entered the elevator, and then pressed the button on the first floor.
See this scene!
Baishan knew that he could no longer persuade his daughter, and a madness appeared on his face:
“Wait for me! I will go too!”
Seeing Baishan get into the elevator, Bai Yi’s pretty face became paler:
“Dad! What are you…”
Bai Yi knows that the methods used by the two great masters Leng Aotian and Helanshan are extremely cruel. Will be affected by the pond fish.
As Lin Fan’s father-in-law, Baishan could not escape the disaster of the pond.

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