Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 657

In a word, Cai Guoquan gritted his teeth with hatred.
He couldn’t imagine that he overturned the boat in the gutter and fell into the hands of a thief.
“Brother! Get revenge for me! I want that kid to smash the corpse into pieces, and I want that woman to be tortured to death!!!”
Cai Guoquan felt the sharp pain in his limbs, and his mouth roared like a beast.
And heard this.
Cai Guofu couldn’t help but smiled:
” Don’t worry! The reason why I asked Bai Yi to meet in Yunhai City is because I have heard of this woman’s beauty!”
“Moreover, the uncle of the Bai family, Bai Hai, has some friendship with me. Let me help the Bai family and give a severe lesson to that surnamed Lin!” That’s it!
The corner of Cai Guofu’s mouth, the sneer became more and more terrifying:
“I just didn’t expect that their couple would have such short eyes and beat my brother to be crippled!”
“Okay! If this is the case, then let that surname Lin die tomorrow, let that Bai Yi, taste the gun under my crotch! Hahaha…”
Cai Guofu smiled incredibly evil.
On the side of the hospital bed, Cai Guoquan was also very happy:
“Brother! Don’t forget me, I will be in a wheelchair tomorrow, and I will see you on the spot with that Bai Yi! Hahaha…Who let this stinky husband harm me? After a broken leg, Lao Tzu will also hold her husband’s head to watch her be trampled by you!” At this moment, the brothers Cai Guofu and Cai Guoquan couldn’t help but look at each other, and there were thick lewd smiles on their faces.
When all this is discussed properly.
Cai Guofu’s expression condensed slightly, and said solemnly:
“However, I have one more important thing to do tomorrow!”
Cai Guoquan was taken aback for a moment, and then curiously asked:
“Brother, what else is more important than killing Lin Fan and getting to Bai Yi!”
“I tell you, today I got a shocking news!” Cai Guofu’s There was a strong fear and awe on his face:
“Today, we also have a big man in Jiang City! Although this person is not a national level, but it is a super existence that makes the whole Jiangnan sensation!”
“Even, even fee. The two giants of the family and the Qi family, as well as the underground giants such as King Kong, all shocked the big brothers and giants! ”
With this sentence, Cai Guoquan on the hospital bed shivered from the scared Ji Lingling.
Their brothers are in the sea of ​​clouds, although they have some power, they can be regarded as black and white.
But in the face of giants such as the Fei family, Qi family, and King Kong, their brothers are as weak as ants.
Just a word from those big bosses, and the two brothers will bleed on the streets.
But now, Cai Guoquan can’t even imagine what kind of person it is that can make the Fei Family, Qi Family, King Kong and other giants all shake.

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