Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 658

“Brother, who is that person?” Cai Guoquan asked incredulously.
“This person is the savior who killed the blood wolf and old Fei! Grandmaster Lin!”
Cai Guofu said with respect:
“I asked a lot of high-class people today! They told me that tomorrow evening, Yunhai All the giants in the city will entertain Master Lin at the Hongyun Restaurant! And I also spent a lot of money to get an admission ticket! ”
Master Lin!
Cai Guoquan had naturally heard of this person, but it caused a sensation in Jiangnan and abolished the super existence of Blood Wolf.
I thought that if my eldest brother could really have a relationship with a person like Grand Master Lin, then their brothers would grow up and down in the future.
Thought of this!
Cai Guoquan suddenly felt happy:
“Hahaha…OK! Brother, tomorrow, we will also book a box at the Hongyun Restaurant! You go to the Bai Yi first, and then go to the dinner party to get in touch with Grand Master Lin !”
After speaking, the smiles on the faces of the two brothers became brighter.
the next day!
Bai Yi finally contacted Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Ocean Building.
After communication, Cai Guofu invited Bai Yi to meet and negotiate at the Hongyun Restaurant at 7pm to discuss the sale of the Blue Ocean Building.
Bai Yi was naturally overjoyed with this news and immediately agreed.
This is more than that.
At noon, aunt Shen Yuzhi knocked on Bai Yi’s door herself.
When Shen Yuzhi handed a red invitation to Bai Yi, Bai Yi was completely stunned.
Because she was surprised to see the name on this invitation!
Inviters: Fei’s family, Qi’s family, Zhou’s family, Huang’s family, King Kong, Ma Lao, etc.!
After seeing the string of names on that invitation, Bai Yi could hardly believe his eyes.
This above actually includes almost all the wealthy families and chaebol forces in Yunhai City.
This is simply incredible.
“Auntie, are you sure this invitation invites me and Lin Fan?” Bai Yi’s voice was trembling.
After all, the weight of each of the names above is several times more terrifying than her, and even Jiangshi Bai’s family.
And now.
These giants in Yunhai City unexpectedly jointly invited Bai Yi as if he was dreaming.
“That’s right!” A wry smile appeared at the corner of my aunt Shen Yuzhi’s mouth. She glanced at Lin Fan secretly, and then said to Bai Yi:
“Bai Yi, this is an invitation from Mr. Fei personally sent to our home in the morning. The old man has repeatedly told me that you and Lin Fan must show their faces! ”
Bai Yi’s face paled even more when she heard this.

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