Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 66

Shen Yumei’s family has arrived?
Hearing this, Shen Taigong and the others couldn’t help but looked towards the door.
I suddenly saw that three people, Shen Yumei, Baishan, and Baiyi, came in.

Huh !” Seeing Shen Yumei’s family, Shen Taigong’s complexion instantly became gloomy.
Not only him, but the rest of the Shen family, no one got up to greet him.
A line of eyes, like a line of ice, pierced the faces of the three of Shen Yumei’s family. They only felt like they were a joke, being stared at by these people.
“Mom…” Bai Yi’s pretty face was so ugly that he wanted to pull his mother away.
However, the corners of Shen Yumei’s mouth showed a deep bitterness:
“Bai Yi, accompany me to visit your grandfather!”
After saying this, Shen Yumei dragged Bai Yi and Bai Shan towards the table of Shen’s family.
Until she came to Shen Taigong’s body , she said respectfully:
“Dad, I’m here…”
Shen Yumei looked at her father, her heart was sad and bitter.
“Bai Yi, call Grandpa!”
Bai Yi’s pretty face is extremely ugly. When she first married Lin Fan, Shen Yumei asked them to visit Taigong Shen at Shen’s house.
But who knows, she and Lin Fan stood at the door of Shen’s house for two hours, but in the end they didn’t let in.
And now…
“Foreign…Grandpa!” No amount of dissatisfaction in Bai Yi’s heart could surpass the pleading in his mother’s eyes, so he could only bite the bullet and shout.
Just heard this.
Taigong Shen’s complexion became more and more gloomy:
“Huh! Don’t call me grandfather, I can’t afford this old thing.”
“I heard that you also married a trash?”
“I really don’t know what went crazy with your mother and daughter, when your mother married Baishan It’s just a waste of money, you are married to a waste, you don’t want to piss me off this old thing!”
Shen Taigong’s words did not leave any affection.
As if slapped in the face, they slapped the Bai Yi family’s face fiercely, suddenly making their complexions look uglier.
This is more than that.
The eldest aunt next to him continued to ask:
“Yumei, where is your son-in-law? Why didn’t he come? Today is a good day for our Shen family, so he finally invited you, why did he dare not come! ”
Yes, second sister, your son-in-law’s name is Lin Fan? We have all seen him. He and Bai Yi were just married and wanted to come to our Shen’s house, but unfortunately the door didn’t let him in.” The second aunt’s words were even more harsh. .
Many people in their family have indeed seen Lin Fan, and they are also deeply impressed by Lin Fan.
After all, so poor, such a joke, naturally became their laughingstock for small talk.
And this sentence of sarcasm made Shen Yumei’s complexion paler.
She could only bite her lip, bit her scalp and said:
“Lin Fan has something to do, he will come over in a while, he first let us say hello to Dad.”
The aunt and the others burst into laughter.
How could their Shen family care about greetings from a door-to-door son-in-law?
Besides, it’s a trash, what can he do? Is it possible that he is going to participate in the banquet of Provincial No. 1 as a waste?
It’s ridiculous.
The expressions of the Shen family were full of contempt and sarcasm.
But at this moment, a cry of exclamation came from the table near the window:
“Look, that big man is here!”

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