Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter : 65

“Mom, my brother-in-law’s family has always looked down on us, why should we go?” When Bai Yi heard that his cousin was engaged, a trace of dissatisfaction suddenly appeared on his pretty face.
Shen Yumei’s natal family, the Shen family, is a first-class family in Jiangshi.
Power and assets are much larger than the Bai family.
At the beginning, the combination of Shen Yumei and Baishan was strongly opposed by the Shen family.
After all, the Bai family at that time was still in the development stage, and compared with the Shen family, it was wrong for the family to be improper.
Especially Baishan’s position in the Bai family is worrying.
All the Shen family despised and humiliated.
Even for this matter, Shen Yumei and the Shen family fell out directly and had no contact for more than ten years.
Even if their family were expelled from the Bai family back then, they could only rely on a small steamed bread shop to make ends meet, the Shen family never offered a helping hand.
Bai Yi did not expect that his uncle’s family would call and invite at this time.
Heard this.
Shen Yumei’s face couldn’t help but feel a little embarrassed:
“That’s all from the past. I heard that your brother-in- law is doing well in Jiangshi . This time your cousin is engaged, we can just relax the relationship.”
Seeing Shen mother insist, Baishan and Baiyi on the side also nodded helplessly.
As for Lin Fan, a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Hongbin Restaurant.
Located opposite the Caesar Hotel.
Today, the Caesars Hotel is reserved by the big bosses in the province, so many rich people have no choice but to come to Hongbin Restaurant for dinner.
For a while, Hongbin Restaurant was very lively.
It’s just that everyone is talking about who is so terrifying that Liu Zhen and others can book a hotel for a banquet.
First floor!
Many guests of the Shen family were seated together.
The front table is the seat of the core members of the Shen family.
Shen Taigong is over seventy years old, with gray hair and looking old.
At this moment, he was sitting in the first place, looking at his young son Shen Jian faintly and said:
“Shen Jian, when will your second sister’s family arrive?”
Second sister naturally said Shen Yumei.
“Dad, the second sister called just now, and she and Bai Yi will be there soon.” Shen Jian’s face was red.
Today, his son got married and almost invited many elites from the upper class in Jiang City.
Heard this.
Second aunt aside, it is the face of contempt, he said:
“! Well she really dare to come, when the White Mountains have to marry that waste, which ten years later, her daughter married a waste.”
Not only is Second aunt.
The aunt next to her also touched the jade bracelet on her wrist, and said with a smile : “Who said no! I heard that Bai Yi’s husband has not worked for three years. He washes clothes, cooks and eats every day. Waiting for death. I really don’t know what evil the second sister has done. It doesn’t count as a waste to marry Baishan. Even my daughter has found a waste. ”
Everyone, you say, I say.
Almost in the words, he held Lin Fan as a laughing stock.
Listening to the people’s talk, Shen Taigong’s expression was extremely gloomy:
“Shen Jian, when your second sister and family arrive in a while, give them a seat at the door. I don’t want to see them! Humph!” A seat at the door.
Everyone naturally knows that the distance of this seat is the honor and inferiority of identity.
The higher the status, the seat is the most forward.
The seats at the door were all prepared for poor relatives who were unable to fight.
“Got it, Dad!” Uncle Shen Jian nodded, and then ordered.
When everything is arranged.
Shen Taigong couldn’t help but look out the window, the brightly-lit, magnificent Caesar Hotel.
Especially, he looked at from a distance, that long ago at the door of the hotel, after respectfully waiting for the provincial No.1 Liu Zhen and other big guys, Shen Taigong’s face appeared in awe:
“Hey…I don’t know. Our Jiang City unexpectedly hides such a big man, who is even qualified to let the No. 1 and others in the province wait at the door. ”
Shen Taigong’s emotion is also the sigh of the others.
They saw it with their own eyes that Liu Zhen and other big guys on Provincial No. 1 were already at the door of Caesars Hotel, waiting for half an hour.
This is incredible.
“For a while, be sure to take a good look, who is so terrifying!”
“Yes, if we knew this kind of bigwig, our Shen family would have been so prosperous!”
“Well…this kind of big person, how can we be? Those who are qualified to know, didn’t you see that even our Jiangshi No.1 Zhang Guohao is waiting at the end?”
“…” The Shen family were full of admiration and envy at this moment.
At this moment , the welcoming shout came from outside: “The second lady of the Shen family, Shen Yumei, and her husband Baishan and daughter Bai Yi, come to attend the engagement ceremony!”

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