Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 663

And at this moment.
A cold voice came from the previous battle.
“Are you cool?” The voice, icy cold, as if containing boundless suffocation, unexpectedly caused the temperature here to drop several degrees.
After hearing these words, the beaters suddenly stopped.
The expressions of the six people condensed slightly.
For some reason, after hearing the icy words, their hearts were a little hairy.
That feeling, like the awakening of a fierce beast, shocked the six people.
Huh huh!
Their gazes turned towards the beaten beggar, one by one couldn’t believe their ears.
“Little beggar, what are you talking about?”
“Is it cool? Hey! I haven’t been cool yet! Today, kill you!” The six gangsters only felt at this moment. The anger just now seemed to be just The hallucinations were so common, I didn’t care about it at all.
However, after hearing their vicious words.
But I saw that this blood-covered beggar actually slowly got up from the ground.
His figure is swaying, as if he would fall down at any time.
A drop of blood dripped from his hair.
However, the blood wolf didn’t care. He stretched out a finger, dipped the blood on his body, and then sipped it in his mouth.
Suddenly, he grinned.
Being beaten like this, this guy is still laughing?
The six gangsters only felt a creepy breath that swept their bodies and minds, making their scalp numb.
It’s just more than that.
The blood wolf stared directly at them, the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more horrible: “You haven’t gotten so good yet, but I have had enough!”
“Because beating, it’s too boring! Why don’t we play… Kill people? !”
Why don’t we play… Kill someone!
When the words of the blood wolf fell, the six bastards only felt the surrounding temperature, which suddenly dropped sharply, causing the hairs on their bodies to stand upside down.
Do not know why.
In their eyes, the blood-covered youth who had been beaten by them in front of them was like a fierce beast that had chosen to eat, making people fearful and frightening.
“No… don’t be scared by him! He is just a beggar, a rubbish!”
One of the bastards headed by him took a deep breath and calmed his emotions forcibly.
Then he shouted to his surrounding companions:
“Fight! Let’s go together, this time he must be killed!”
The voice of the leader of the gangster was full of brutality.
After saying this, he was the first to bear the brunt and rushed towards the blood wolf, especially with a wave of his fist, he wanted to hit the blood wolf’s face again.
But at this moment!
The gangster with the name of the leader only saw a golden light in front of him, which flashed by suddenly, and then he felt a cold in his arms.

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