Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 662

The beggar was all dirty, unkempt, and bloody.
There was a deep wound in his abdomen, which seemed to have not healed yet. At this moment, under the fists and feet of the surrounding gangsters, a trace of scarlet blood was constantly flowing from his abdomen.
However, he did not fight back. He just held his head in his hands. The whole person was like a cooked prawn, bowed to the ground, letting several gangsters beat him.
“Ma’s! Damn beggar, kill you! I’ll kill you!”
“Humph! You are a trash, you should have gone to hell a long time ago, and living is a waste of food!”
“…” A few gangsters looked brutal. And vicious, their fists and feet were extremely heavy every time, and the beggar was immediately beaten to death and miserable.
When this scene fell in the eyes of the four killers, they were slightly taken aback.
“Huh? What’s the matter with this kid? If he knows that beggar, he must have stopped it!”
“Yeah, this kid is obviously watching the show? Mar, stop the car and ran into the alley to watch the beggar be beaten. Is this person sick?”
The four assassins looked at the appearance of Lin Fan in front of him watching the show, and they were all puzzled.
Just at this moment.
The horrified voice of one of the assassins came over:
“No…no! Look at that beggar, he seems to be… a blood wolf!”
As soon as this remark came out, the other three killers trembled.
Blood wolf?
The youngest top killer in East Asia?
The ruthless person listed as the global AAA murderer?
Was he abolished by Grandmaster Lin? How could it be here!
The three assassins next to them were all dumbfounded, and they turned their gazes away from Lin Fan and looked at the beggar who had been beaten by several gangsters.
They only found out.
The person who was beaten was not a real beggar.
He wore a T-shirt stained with dried, jet-black blood on his upper body, and a pair of washed white jeans on his lower body.
However, whether it is a T-shirt or jeans, it is soaked in jet black with dried blood, and it looks dirty.
Through the messy hair, the four assassins could immediately see the green face of the beggar.
It seems that he is only in his twenties.
However, when the face of this beggar fell in the eyes of the four killers, their scalp was numb, and they wanted to turn around and flee.
“Sure… it’s a blood wolf! He is the same as in the video, absolutely correct!”
“Oh my God, how did the blood wolf end up in our Yunhai City after it was abolished?”
“Yes, there is also this surnamed Lin , Do you know the blood wolf?” At this moment, thick shock and doubt filled the hearts of the four killers.

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