Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 665

The voice is so cold!
The method is so cruel!
After these words fell, the only remaining steel wolf claw in the blood wolf’s hand suddenly fluttered away again and again.
At this moment, an unbelievable scene of the four assassins hiding in the distance appeared.
There was a sound of tearing flesh and blood, and a dull sound of the head rolling down.
One after another corpses fell to the ground.
In just three breaths, all six gangsters turned into corpses.
The four killers were almost scared to pee at this moment.
The complexion of each of them was pale, and dense cold sweat rushed down from their foreheads.
“How is it possible! Isn’t the blood wolf destroyed? He… how could he be so strong!” Unbelievable.
They had watched the video before, and the whole blood wolf was nailed to the ground by Master Lin, and the dantian was broken.
It can be said that it has become a waste.
And now, the brutal performance of the blood wolf has simply subverted the three views of these four killers.
“I…I know!”
“What he was abolished was only the strength of the grandmaster! The grandmaster can kill with flying leaves, relying on true energy!”
“Although the blood wolf can no longer use true energy now, but Under his master, he is still a super strong existence!”
After hearing the words of one of the assassins, the other four felt only a tingling scalp.
That’s right!
Although the blood wolf in front of him is no longer a figure of a master.
But he is still very strong and his methods are still vicious.
Thinking of this, the four of them began to tremble at this moment.
However, a scene that stunned them appeared.
Just after the blood wolf killed six bullies.
The four assassins were stunned to see that Lin Fan, who was watching the show in front, stepped on his feet and started to walk slowly towards the alley where the blood wolf was.
In this scene, the eyes of the four killers almost fell out.
“This…what is this guy doing? Didn’t he see that the blood wolf killed people?”
“Yes! He is crazy! The blood wolf at this moment is definitely the most brutal time, he is looking for death!”
The four assassins were completely dumbfounded.
They followed Lin Fan to the alley in order to kill Lin Fan, and naturally they would not stop Lin Fan from committing death.
What they didn’t expect was that this guy was so brave to provoke such a fierce and vicious blood wolf.
After Lin Fan in the footsteps of that just entered the alley, blood wolf the whole person body Yi Chan, a trace of terror evil spirits from his body out through the body:
Then, a blood wolf ears Shaking, the steel wolf claw in his hand, facing the place where the footsteps came, flew away fiercely.
This steel wolf claw is almost at its extreme, like a meteor, tearing towards Lin Fan’s neck.

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