Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 667

But he didn’t know.
When his voice came, when his fear spread.
This scene fell in the eyes of the four assassins, and it was like a blast of thunder, making the four assassins horrified to die.
“Blood…Is the blood wolf scared?”
“God, how could it be possible! The blood wolf’s body is trembling, and he said that this man surnamed Lin came to kill him? Could it be that this man surnamed Lin has the ability to kill blood? Wolf?”
“No…impossible! Even if the blood wolf loses its dantian, it is not something that ordinary people can deal with. Even the top ten Jiangnan national magicians may not be an opponent of the blood wolf! How could he be afraid of this surnamed Lin Door-to-door son-in-law?”
Can’t understand!
The four assassins looked at Blood Wolf and Lin Fan at this moment, only feeling like they were dreaming.
A cracking sound resounded, and the four assassins saw in horror that the cracking sound came from the steel…wolf claw that Lin Fan grabbed!
Above the wolf paw, a crack emerged, but it was crushed.
It’s more than that!
Ka Ka Ka… There were another cracking sounds, which resounded densely.
till the end!
the iron wolf claws of the blood wolf, in Lin Fan’s hands, were like a child’s fragile toy, completely shattered.
This scene caused the four killers to shake their bodies.
Familiar with!
They had a very familiar feeling for this scene, especially when they thought about it carefully, a terrible idea came to the minds of the four killers.
“The assassination of Zhang Yichen incident! I… I seem to remember that Great Master Lin once grabbed the blood wolf’s wolf claws and… squeezed it?”
“Yes… That’s right! I remember it too, Lin The great master squeezed a wolf claw! No way…you, look at this figure surnamed Lin, are you familiar? ”
The four assassins hurriedly looked at Lin Fan again.
After seeing Lin Fan’s thin figure and the scene of confrontation between blood wolves.
His figure, unexpectedly, slowly merged with Grand Master Lin, who was in the impression of the four killers.
Exactly… the same!
One of the assassins, after discovering this, his whole person seemed to have been drained of all his strength, and he fell to the ground, completely paralyzed.
“Lin…Grandmaster Lin!”
“He is Grandmaster Lin! We are going to kill…Grandmaster?”
The four assassins only felt their scalp numb at the moment, making them feel terrified.

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