Today, I Give Up Trying

Chapter: 669

Fortune Restaurant.
Located in the west of Yunhai City, the entire restaurant is thirty stories high.
It belongs to one of the most famous buildings in Yunhai City.
In a Tianzi box on the eighth floor, Bai Yi finally met Cai Guofu, the owner of the Blue Ocean Building.
Cai Guofu is more than 40 years old and has a burly and majestic figure. Today, he wore a brand-new suit and dressed extremely elegantly, giving people a sense of dignity as a successful person.
There is always a gentle smile on his face, and it makes people feel good at first sight.
“Hello, Mr. Cai, I’m Bai Yi!”
Bai Yi nodded to Cai Guofu.
Although in her opinion, Cai Guofu looks elegant and extraordinary, but Bai Yi always feels uncomfortable when he sees this person.
It seemed that under this elegant appearance, there was an evil soul hidden, giving Bai Yi a little more defense against Cai Guofu.
“Hahaha, it is said that Miss Bai Yi is the president of Jiangshi ‘s first beauty, I think this sentence is wrong!” Cai Guofu smiled.
Especially, after he saw Bai Yi’s exquisite and beautiful face and that enchanting figure, his heart became even more enthusiastic. At this moment, he smiled and said:
“From my point of view, Miss Bai Yi should be the number one beauty in Jiangnan. The president is right!”
Cai Guofu’s words contained a strong compliment and kindness towards Bai Yi.
But Bai Yi just smiled awkwardly:
“Cai has praised it!”
“I wonder if we can talk about the sale of the Blue Ocean Building?”
Bai Yi was unwilling to entangle Cai Guofu too much, and went straight at the moment. theme.
Just hearing this, Cai Guofu is shook his head:
“Ha ha ha …… Miss White Iraq is something straightforward person, Blue Ocean Building, first do not worry!”
He said.
Cai Guofu glanced hard at Bai Yi’s chest, and secretly swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Then he opened a bottle of Moutai and filled Bai Yi’s wine glass:
“Come on, Miss Bai Yi, if you are sincere to buy it. Blue Ocean Building, dry this glass of wine first! ”
Hearing this, Bai Yixiu frowned.
She wanted to refuse, but after seeing Cai Guofu’s attitude that if you don’t drink wine, the Blue Ocean Building would not talk about it, Bai Yi could only gritted his teeth, picked up the wine glass, and drank it.
“Cai, is this all right?”
Bai Yi only felt his throat acrid and asked, looking straight at Cai Guofu.
Seeing this scene, Cai Guofu’s eyes lit up, and the smile on his face became more intense:
“Hahaha…Miss Bai Yi is refreshed! But drinking, pay attention to good things in pairs!”
After finishing, Cai Guofu filled a glass again.
A gesture of “please” was made.
In this scene, Bai Yi’s jade hands were only held together, and her pretty face was slightly ugly.

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